Breve Encounter welcomes resurgence of vinyl

In an age where tasks such as booking a train ticket, ordering food and paying bills can be done digitally, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that the world has reached a virtual ‘tipping point’. However, music fans are proving there is still life to be found in ‘retro’ methods of tune consumption, as this December it was revealed that vinyl records outsold digital downloads for the first time in the UK since 2004, when the first iTunes store was launched. Breve Encounter, a new professional networking site for musicians welcomes this news, and the positive step this is for the music industry.

Jonathan Richmond, Managing Director of Breve Encounter revealed, “Ever since 2014 the surge in digital music has been a double edged sword for the industry - it is easy, cheap (and often free) to access, meaning more artists could get their work heard by would-be fans than ever before, but of course, it was difficult for these musicians to generate an income as sales on physical formats fell dramatically. News that vinyl is making a comeback shows us that people are willing to spend money on music again, valuing it as a physical asset to treasure, which is great news for professional musicians looing to make a living from their art.”

It was reported vinyl sales had generated £2.4m one week in December compared to the £2.1m by its digital counterparts. It is thought that a change in attitude from music fans is responsible for the trend, now keen to show support to their favourite artist by owning a tangible, collectable item. With Christmas just around the corner, these sensory pleasing records also act as a popular gift for any audiophile, perhaps amounting to the rising sales. 

Jonathan Richmond continued “Although the monetary aspect is great news for professional musicians, the growth in vinyl popularity also acts as a sign of confidence for anyone entering the industry. Fans are willing to help the music scene grow, and the bands, singers or artists that they are passionate about. For any budding musician wanting to enter the world of music, now is the time!”

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