Brighten Up A Birthday with Passe Passe’s Entertainment Supplies

Stuck for a birthday gift for a precocious young entertainer? Help them to hone their skills by giving them a complete magic set for their special day. Almost every accomplished entertainer and magician working their way around the world’s most famous circuits will agree that they first began to hone their craft when they were just a youngster. Some of the tricks of the trade, such as juggling and stilt-walking take many years to learn, and it takes dedication to master the sleight of hand that many of the magical illusions require. A set of magic accessories, a child’s first set of Diabolos or a beginner’s stilt-walking set could end up setting them on the road to success and endowing them with a talent for life.

Magic sets are a great gift for a pre-teen, because even if they do not show an overt adeptness for the world of illusion, learning the tricks and impressing friends can be incredibly good fun. Many of the kits come with interactive DVDs, allowing children to learn the tricks from an expert before they perform them in public. All equipment and accessories are included within the magic sets, and they often feature between fifty and one hundred different tricks, for hours of entertainment in learning and performing them.

A child’s first Diabolo set can be a treasured thing passed down through future generations. It can also be a gateway to a successful career in entertainment, or simply a way to keep the boredom at bay during the long summer holidays. They come in kits suitable for children as young as four years old, and are still a fun and exciting hobby into adulthood. Choose a Sundia, Henry’s or Mr Babache set of Diabolos for guaranteed high-quality, or opt for a Passe Passe set for high-speed performance and quirky designs.

Does your little one have an aptitude for juggling? Is their hand-eye coordination something to behold? Perhaps the best gift for them would be a juggling set. Whether juggling hoops or balls, the most advanced jugglers are incredibly entertaining and marked as some of the most talented entertainers on many circuits. Start with a brightly coloured starter set of rings for easy catching, then progress to balls for their next birthday, when they have demonstrated their talent for all to see.

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