announces the publishing of a new website established to introduce the wider medical community to the Tonsil Fire Extinguisher

The device is the invention of Dr. Douglas Mann, a graduate of Yale University School of Medicine, who discovered that a targeted, metered spray of local anesthetic can be a safe, effective treatment for the severe pain of tonsillectomy.  Before this treatment, there was little to offer these patients beyond Tylenol and Motrin and narcotics. Even though these drugs can help, they typically do little to alleviate the searing pain that occurs with each effort at swallowing. This accounts for the fact that the most common complication following this surgery is dehydration, the result of the inability to swallow enough water for the body’s needs. Local anesthetics have also been used in the past, but in forms that increased the risks of overdose of the medication, or adversely affecting swallowing reflexes.

Dr Mann notes that in five years of treatment in his practice with this method, no patient who has been able to use the device successfully has suffered dehydration. There has been no complication related to its use, such as aspiration of food or liquid into the lungs, and no overdosing of local anesthetic.  

Since launching of the Tonsil Fire Extinguisher, thousands of patients across the US have been successfully treated by the numerous physicians who are early adopters of this method.  The patients love the way it makes them feel better, calling it “a godsend.” They also appreciate the way the device looks like a little fire extinguisher, a thing that is there to help when you need it most.

Dr Mann says he chose the name to emphasize the importance of innovative solutions to clinical problems coming from those actually delivering care.  His own innovation could not come from a pharmaceutical company because the anesthetics involved are beyond patent protection, which eliminates the profit potential for them. And because he is not doing a formal scientific study, he can take advantage of the design of the product and its positive psychological effect.

Dr Mann believes that this treatment, good as it is, can be improved upon. It was one of his physician customers who gave him the idea to make the product available through compounding pharmacies. Now there is a nationwide network of pharmacies that carry the device. In this way he invites physicians in practice and their patients to participate in the innovation process to make tonsillectomy recovery a more tolerable event. 


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