British Taxi Booking Startup Taxicode To Build on £10 Million Bookings

Taxicode, a British tech-startup, has announced ambitious growth plans for 2015 as part of its strategy to gain even more ground on biggest rivals, Uber and Hailo after recording a record £10 million in taxi bookings in 2014. It is already off to a flying start with a 110% increase in January bookings for taxi rides around the UK compared with the same month last year.

One of the top domestic names in the ultra competitive taxi sector and one of the UK’s biggest success stories in the burgeoning global market, Taxicode already rivals Uber and Hailo nationally in terms of volume of journeys booked, number of users transported from A to B and number of cities covered. It grew 150% year on year in 2014 with a 125% increase in online bookings and 75% increase in website visitor numbers - figures that it expects to better in the next 12 months with the hotly anticipated launch of its new app, scheduled to go live later this year. A cost effective alternative to other taxi booking providers, the Taxicode app will follow closely in the brand’s model of providing a much more competitive and reactive environment, giving access to a wider choice of cab rides and at a cheaper price.

“We've proven having big backers does not make you successful; our rivals are struggling to grow and none are turning a profit,” said Taxicode Co-founder and Director Jonathan Kettle. “We’ve proved our business model to be better, keeping our overheads much lower, making a profit and taking less from the taxi companies we work with. 2015 is going to be full of exciting announcements and product developments; I’m expecting Taxicode to at least double in size in the next year, and I also expect our rivals to start to follow our lead. While the taxi market will continue to be dominated by telephone bookings for now, the market for electronic taxi bookings will continue to grow strongly year on year.”

Taxicode currently operates in over 400 towns and covers approximately 95% of the UK with over 400 taxi and private hire companies. While other taxi booking services operate solely through mobile apps and concentrate only on the London market, Taxicode offer greater versatility for customers and businesses, including travel agents and travel operators, by allowing users to book through either their web browser or mobile device in cities and towns across the UK. Unlike its rivals, which have sourced the majority of their finances externally, Taxicode has maintained an internally funded business plan, allowing it to develop and grown naturally.

2014 was a year of milestones for Taxicode, coinciding in a number of industry firsts for the online taxi bookings market. It introduced a new centralised booking service for business clients in July, which will pave the way for further B2B growth in the sector over the next 12 months. Taxicode was made a member of the UK travel trade association ABTA in October and will consolidate this partnership in 2015 with additional travel and hospitality initiatives.

Taxicode was also named a winner of the O2 Smarta 100 Awards in the Good Web Guide Website of the Year Awards in the Startups category in November, as well as a nomination for the Internet Business Awards (winners announced 3rd March 2015).

Kettle added, “Taxicode has mostly grown organically in the past 12 months, investing much of our time in creating new sales channels, releasing our app and finishing off our development of a new Taxicode travel portal for travel agents and travel management companies, as well as completing our API for use by 3rd party travel websites, among other things. It's been exciting to watch our numbers surpass all the targets we'd set for ourselves and we’re even more ambitious this year.”

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