BuddyRest Unveils Dog Bedding Innovation with DORMEO® N.A. Partnership

Dog bedding experts BuddyRest have unveiled their biggest innovation in dog bedding yet in partnership with the sleep technology experts, DORMEO®. The new dog beds feature a patented memory foam coil hybrid system which brings the latest in foam technology to the canine sector for the first time ever.

DORMEO® launched the revolutionary Octaspring® Technology in the United States in November of 2012, after being a leader and trusted bedding brand in the UK and Central and Eastern Europe for over 10 years, crafting luxurious, top quality memory foam mattresses. Delivering superior sleep to man’s best friend, the BuddyRest and DORMEO® partnership now promises to turbocharge the restful powers of sleep for dogs large and small.

Available now, the new Dormeo Octaspring® dog beds by BuddyRest couple the pressure relief and support benefits of human grade memory foam, without the issues the material can sometimes cause. Typical human complaints include a feeling of being stuck and of being too hot – uncomfortable sensations that can lead to less than stellar slumber for dogs too.

DORMEO® provides unrivalled ventilation to keep dogs and human alike cool and fresh all night long. For canines that get hot during sleep, the Dormeo Octaspring® beds by BuddyRest incorporate superior ventilation properties for 8 x better breathability without heat retention. Trevor Crotts, Executive Director from BuddyRest said, “We’re delighted with the launch of our new dog beds which really raise the bar in pet bedding. The Dormeo Octaspring® beds by BuddyRest are the result of years of painstaking research and development. The design sets a new standard in quality of sleep for dogs. We’re particularly proud of the ventilation and temperature management capability as dogs who get hot on their beds will migrate to a tile floor. This can have a detrimental long term effect on joint health.”

For older dogs and those suffering from joint problems or arthritis, getting in and out of a typical memory foam bed can be a painful experience. The innovative Octaspring memory coil makes this a thing of the past with conventional push back support built in. This lift assist technology acts as a helping hand for the less mobile, giving welcome relief from stiff joints and aches and pains.

Trevor Crotts said, “Our Vet recommended beds promote joint health in young dogs while helping with arthritic pain in senior dogs. As dog people we know how distressing it can be to see your pet struggling to stand up or get out of bed. Our lift technology removes some of this discomfort for a smoother transition from sleepy head to out to play. When you combine this technology with award winning features like our special fabric and 100% USA craftsmanship, it truly becomes the biggest innovation the industry has seen in the pet bedding category in many years.”

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Trevor Crotts

Executive Director
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About BuddyRest

At BuddyRest, we are "dog people" at heart. That is why we work hard to bring consumers the best quality, innovative pet products that truly help animals. Our products make life easier for people and improve the quality of life for our furry friends. BuddyRest is leading a revolution in the pet industry by providing very durable, American made products that not only last the lifetime of your animal, but more importantly improve health and relieve pain. We use real science in our processes. All of our beds are pressure mapped to ensure the best support is always provided.

Our company is based in Wichita, Kansas where mid-western values like hard work and high quality craftsmanship still live strong. Our products are proudly 100% made in the USA! Our company started with two friends who worked in the human mattress industry. One of the founders had a dog named Buddy the labradoodle. Knowing that large dog’s lives are shortened due to joint problems, Buddy's Dad wanted to do something proactive for his furry friend.

We noticed that even though sleep science for humans had progressed rapidly, the pet industry was saturated with cheaply made dog beds that had not changed in years. There was nothing on the market that offered the quality, comfort and support that our animals deserved.  Being a part of the mattress industry gave us first hand education on pressure relieving materials and different types of support. 

We endeavored to create the best dog beds in every way using the same proven sleep science that helps humans with arthritis and joint problems to pets! With the input of some great Veterinarians, we created the most advanced, highest quality pet beds ever. Our beds stay clean, never smell and most importantly are vet recommended to promote joint health. More than just a bed made to be comfortable, our beds are designed to improve animal's lives. 

About Dormeo North America

For more than 10 years, DORMEO® has been a leading mattress brand in Europe and Asia.  Making its North American debut in 2012, the company introduced its patented Octaspring® in the U.S. Market.  A breakthrough in mattress technology, the Octaspring's individual memory foam springs work together to form the core of the revolutionary Octaspring® mattress. With its U.S. showroom and distribution center in Plano, TX, DORMEO® N.A. is part of Studio Moderna Group, a leading European multi-channel direct marketing company.