Building a Brand on a Budget

You either have to spend time or money to build a successful business. This motto also goes for those looking to grow their brand; one of the most difficult prospects facing many SMEs today. Strong branding is vital for any business regardless of their industry; creating a brand which can retain customers whilst attracting new ones is worth its weight in gold and while not a guarantee of success, can lessen the struggle. Luckily for those without access to extensive budgets, there are ways in which a brand can be created, sustained and grown without breaking the bank.

Some of the most powerful ways to grow a brand also happen to be some of the simplest and cheapest. Eye contact and a warm smile when handing over a business card gives an impression of a brand with friendly professionals; someone the client would want to deal with again and recommend to their colleagues or friends. Branding starts with the individuals within a company; if they are sure of the company ethos and can represent it fully when interacting with members of the public or representatives from other businesses, the foundations of a single cohesive impression are laid.

Basic promotional materials are the next building block in creating a strong brand image. Business cards with a logo are a good start, whilst company stationery such as letterheads and invoices should all be branded in the same way. Promotional materials will need to have a strong direction and an emphasis on the branding itself; large posters and flyers can be used to achieve a sense of universality which makes a brand feel large-scale and successful. Small details are also important; a company motto or brand message on the back of a business card can immediately give clients a feel for the philosophy of a company.

Collaboration is also a great way in which to build a brand. Two heads are better than one, and with brands always looking to expand, sometimes it is better to share audiences by teaming up with brand partners. Larger mailing list circulation, a broadened customer database and, perhaps mostly, a splitting of the total bill are all benefits of teaming up with a brand in a similar position and offering clients a unique service. Swapping printed business cards at networking events or researching what other services one’s own clients search for can help to reveal some potential brand partners and set the wheels in motion for a successful collaboration.

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