Businesses make the most out of trade shows this summer with automated data capture solutions for forms and surveys

Businesses can utilise trade show attendances this summer with customer feedback forms and business cards data capture solutions from Pearl Scan. The document digitisation experts quickly capture and process all data gathered in paper forms, questionnaires and surveys to present organisations with an easy to use data in an Excel, CSV, XML, Database any customer specific file format of information to thoroughly understand the needs of their customers.

With over 12 years in the industry, the Pearl Scan group offer this service nationwide, alongside a variety of other document scanning solutions that are designed to revolutionise the way a working office operates.

Trade shows and corporate exhibitions present a great opportunity for businesses to network with the clients and other organisations that are important to them. As well as being a chance to showcase an offering, trade shows are also a perfect time to gather and collect a large amount of feedback data, which can then prove important in making business decisions in the future.  Such large amounts of information however are not of use unless they are processed, filed an analysed effectively.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan Group said, “Anyone who has attended a business exhibition is aware of the large amount of paperwork that can accumulate as a result. As business cards get exchanged, enquiry forms are filled in and feedback questionnaires are completed, it can seem like a daunting task to go through the sheets and sheets of information afterwards. This process is vital however, and without it the data gathered is useless – this is where we can help.”

Ashraf continued, “We can either collect your feedback forms from your office, or they can be sent to us as a batch. From then, we can quickly and effectively scan in the forms to a digital format, using technology that is able to recognise tick box, open choice and multi choice questions and answers. We even have the capability to handle illustrations and images. Our team then present this data to you in whichever format suits best, such as CSV, Excel, XML and Database, making it easy for business owners to dissect the results of their surveys to them implement relevant changes in the company.”

Using the customer feedback forms data capture solutions from Pearl Scan can enable a company to streamline their post-tradeshow feedback form analysis, without the need to invest in costly in-house scanning and digitisation equipment.

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