Businesses Urged to Reduce Corporate Carbon Footprint with the Help of Local Multi-Service Provider

Hampshire’s foremost office services provider is supporting a call for eco-conscious businesses with a long list of contracted services to consider their carbon footprint. The multi-services available from So Group UK minimise expenditure and waste by offering one efficient service to take care of all needs in one go, with one vehicle arriving to collect recycling and confidential waste together.

Rather than use an assortment of companies to deliver an abundance of corporate requirements, So Group UK offer businesses a more efficient and cost effective choice.  From collecting recycling to maintaining the office plant life, So Group understand business needs and can actively reduce corporate carbon footprints.

Bill Murray, CEO of So Group UK said, “Typically, per business, there is one lorry for recycling, one for general waste and another for confidential waste. That’s three vehicles, three invoices and three account managers. It’s hard to juggle, unnecessarily expensive and bad for the environment. We provide a two week free trial where our staff collect your recycling and confidential waste and take it away in one fell swoop.” 

By using a selection of facilities management services from So Group UK, businesses can become more sustainable and environmentally friendly, and also reduce costs and administration tasks.  SO Group UK recycles 95% of office waste; the only things not recyclable are crisp packets and floor sweepings, and it rejuvenates the rest into raw material. Its Bin for Life service can be trialled for two weeks with no obligation to buy. The ability to recycle material accumulated from the daily grind, such as white paper, shredded paper, window envelopes, cardboard and printer cartridges render them a pioneering eco-friendly option.

Featuring a fantastic array of useful office solutions, SO Group UK also provide filtered water coolers designed for corporate use. The easy to use coolers connect to mains water supplies and provide a constant flow of water to hydrate busy workers throughout the day. The service also includes free maintenance, sanitation and filter changes, and full breakdown cover.

So Group’s comprehensive range of facilities assistance also includes floor mats designed to be safer, cleaner and smarter, office plants that add a touch of harmony and nature to corporate landscapes and confidential shredding services, providing unbeatable, secure destruction.  By choosing a local business companies not only become environmentally responsible, they also become socially responsible by supporting local economy.

Mr Murray added, “Modern life is often unnecessarily complicated. We wanted a smart and effective way of helping businesses stay eco-friendly so that it’s easy to keep spaces clean, safe and healthy. The fact that one vehicle is responsible for a myriad of services saves a lot of time and reduces many carbon footprints. It’s a local, friendly service and we hope to deliver a personal touch – we personally walk in and collect your recycling for you. There’s no middle man.”

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About SO Group UK: Dedicated to helping businesses save time, money and the environment, SO Group UK is the nation’s leading provider of office management services. From office recycling bins and paper shredding to water bottle coolers and plants, SO Group UK keeps businesses across Hampshire and the surrounding counties at the peak of efficiency. With healthy, clean and green workplaces proven to improve staff moral and boost productivity, SO Group UK is an intelligent choice for any office manager.