Businesses Will Make More of Social Media Connectivity Predicts Top Digital Marketing Consultant

A top digital marketing consultant has predicted that many small and medium sized businesses will start to make more of social media to connect with consumers who are constantly ‘on’. Scott Dylan, who is a social media trend expert, has made his prediction following the release of a new study by computer giants IBM.

The ‘Snapshot of Today’s Connected Consumers’ infographic shows that a massive 82% of all global consumers aged 18 – 64 embrace connected digital devices such as smartphones and tablets. The study also revealed that 65% of those aged 55 – 64 regularly surf the Web while watching TV.

Other studies have also revealed that most modern consumers are intensely connected with a 2012 study by Oracle finding that 81% of shoppers actually now prefer to shop online compared with in a physical store because they can better research the products they eventually end up purchasing.

As a digital marketing consultant Scott Dylan is already seeing many clients initiative conversations about connectivity and predicts that businesses will use this to fuel more engagement with their customers via social channels. He said, “What is clear is that more and more we are seeing a trend whereby consumers are using the internet to help with their decision making process. Shoppers are not scared of the internet whatever their age, they embrace it and use it to help connect them with brands and products. I think that increasingly, we’re going to see that filtering through into social media in particular with the most switched on businesses starting to consider how they can monetize this willingness and connectivity on the part of the user and couple it with the immediacy that social media offers.”

Already some bigger brands are starting to use social media as a means of tapping into hyper connectivity with posts scheduled through the day and night. Where updates may have been made during the working day before, some firms are now scheduling their tweets and Facebook updates to appear later in the day and through the night. This is a move away from a traditional approach says Dylan and shows that businesses with an online presence are prepared to take extra measures to connect with consumers when they are online – increasingly this means recognising that many people do surf the net from a tablet or smartphone late at night while watching TV and positioning messages accordingly.

He adds, “Social media is the easiest way to connect with those who are always on because it is quick and easy to schedule posts and keep accounts updated. I think that we’ll see more businesses, particularly small and medium businesses who need any commercial advantage that they can get, use social media in this way. I expect that corporate Twitter and Facebook feeds will become just as busy during the early hours and late evenings as they are during the day in recognition that there is no switch off point or cut off time for consumers.

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