Cabinet Tronix Offers Bespoke TV Lift Units for Big-Screen TVs

Wide-screen televisions are one of the most enduringly popular Christmas gifts every year – but what happens when the tree has been taken down and you’re left with a huge TV and nowhere to put it? TV lift unit manufacturer Cabinet Tronix has the solution, with its bespoke units crafted especially for large-screen televisions.

The custom-built TV lift cabinets can be built to house TVs of colossal size – anywhere up to 80 inches – which is great news for those who treated themselves to a new television and are now wondering where they’ll display it.

Cabinet Tronix has been manufacturing these premium quality units since 2002, and the expert team have watched as the average size of televisions has grown exponentially. 40 inches used to be considered large, but the gigantic screens available on the market in 2015 are becoming a must-have in the home – along with an attractive, quality cabinet to house the expensive tech.

Trace McCullough, of Cabinet Tronix, says, “Over the years we’ve seen an incredible change in the technology housed in our cabinets. Back when we started out, televisions of 40 inches were the norm, but nowadays we can house anything up to 80 inches wide in our bespoke cabinets. These hidden TV lift cabinets have been specifically designed to hold larger TVs, taking into account things like balance and weight distribution – and like all of our other units, they come in a range of designs and finishes to suit any home.”

One of the most popular TV lift cabinets available from Cabinet Tronix has always been the Le Bloc design – so it’s little wonder this design was chosen to be expanded for the larger range of TVs hitting the market. With the ability to hold TVs up to 80 inches wide, the sleek and stylish cabinet is the perfect addition to any contemporary living space – or home cinema! Internal storage spaces keep things like DVD players and games consoles out of sight, and there are no trailing wires or external fittings, which makes it ideal for homes with children or pets.

In direct contrast to the Le Bloc piece is the Ribbon Bombay hidden TV lift cabinet, which can hold televisions up to 60 inches wide. The gorgeous, ornate detailing on the front of the cabinet makes it a real statement piece, and ideal for homes where contemporary style has been shunned for something more traditional and grand. A hidden component section keeps all wires and appliances away from prying eyes, and helps to give the impression that this unit is a true antique – that is, until the 60 inch screen rises from it! 

Trace adds, “We’re always keeping track of the latest TV trends and modifying our designs to ensure we cater to all clients’ needs. If the current trend continues, we’ll end up crafting cabinets fit for 100 inch televisions – but we’ll always make sure our designs are adapted to fit the latest trends, and that we’re creating cabinets that meet the demands of our client base.”

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About Cabinet-Tronix: Founded in 2002 Cabinet Tronix has revolutionized TV lift cabinet systems with their unique design concepts and best in industry warranties.

Based in San Diego, California, Cabinet Tronix develops and manufacturers automated TV lift furniture. Three core ranges (in stock modern TV lift furniture, in stock traditional pop up TV cabinets and custom TV lift cabinets) are complemented by extensive included features and a number of cutting edge upgrade options.

Bench made cabinets built by master craftsmen are combined with the best US-made telescoping lift system, demonstrating the Cabinet Tronix commitment to delivering quality products to clients first time, every time.

Cabinet-Tronix has successfully delivered over 3000 units to satisfied customers across the country and throughout the world. Along with constant additions to its in stock modern and traditional ranges, Cabinet Tronix offers complete TV lift solutions for hotel projects and international shipping to any corner of the globe.

Recognized for its sublime quality and value for money ethos, Cabinet Tronix has provided TV lift systems within custom cabinetry for over four dozen hotels and casinos including over 540 pieces for The Signature MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Cabinet-Tronix continues to set the standard in the TV lift cabinets industry by researching the newest technology and continuing to think outside of the box.  In addition to our innovation, we have also strived to deliver excellence to our clients and over 12 years in business we are proud to say we have achieved an A+ with the Better Business Bureau