Camminare Unveils SS15 Collection of EVA Wellies

Summer may be looming but Camminare is under no illusions when it comes to Britain’s reputation for rainy weather. To keep feet cosy and comfortable all season long, the leading footwear retailer has refreshed its range of ultra-durable, lightweight EVA wellington boots. From gardeners and dog walkers to anglers and explorers, a pair of Camminare EVA wellies should be a staple in the shoe rack of any outdoor loving Brit. 

Unlike standard high street wellies and fashion oriented brands, EVA wellies are engineered to keep feet dry and comfortable, no matter how wet the weather. Short for Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, EVA is a rubber foaming material that has revolutionised the wellington industry. The material offers wearers cushioned comfort, as well as shock proofing, heat insulating, moisture-proofing, anti-rusting, non-polluting and non-absorbing features.

EVA is a CE certified and eco-friendly material which makes it a fantastic choice for environmentally conscious wearers who want to preserve the natural landscapes they love to explore. Another standout feature is the feather light weight of the material. With products such as the EVA Voyager Boot weighing in at just 500g, the Camminare range of EVA boost is perfect for those who prefer to tread lightly.

Nicholas Myers, Brand Director said, “Despite what British consumers may think, not all wellies are created equal. When it comes to the crème de la crème of wellington boots our EVA products simply can’t be rivalled. The advanced material is far superior to its high street counterparts and offers wearers a myriad of features including shock absorption, heat insulation, moisture-proofing and more. Not to mention an amazingly lightweight design.”

As a closed-cell foam EVA is 100% watertight, even when fully immersed. Wearers who regularly subject their boots to tough terrain will appreciate the rot resistant qualities protect the material against seawater, oil, acid and alkali. For those on the search for the ultimate in Wellington boot comfort EVA is the superlative choice. The material boasts exceptional flexibility and anti-hardening technology which makes it excellent at absorbing shock and cushioning the feet. For chilly mornings EVA boots offer exceptional heat insulation and preservation. Whether worn in the mild summer months or the harsh winter period, the anti-cold, non-frosting and insulation enduring capabilities make EVA wellies a savvy year-round solution.

Shopping the range of EVA wellies is easy. Simply head to the Camminare website, select a category and browse the recommended products. From recreational activities such as fishing and walking to purpose built products for safety and winter weather, Camminare has a pair of EVA wellies for every occasion.

Camminare backs all of its EVA Wellington boot purchases with a 12 month guarantee. This means that if wearers encounter any issues they’ll be offered a fuss free replacement or refund.

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Camminare manufactures premium quality footwear and wellington boots in Poland. It specialises in EVA products crafted from ultra-durable Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. All products are developed with a focus on comfort, durability and lightweight design. Camminare has been in business since 2004 and has quickly earned a reputation as one of Europe’s most popular outdoor footwear manufacturers.