Campbell Takes Delivery Of New Soundcaddy One

Nottingham jazz and soul singer Campbell Bass has just taken delivery of a HK Soundcaddy One Class-D power amp. Its name is taken from its golf caddy style; offers all the superior benefits of a line array. Its 70° horizontal coverage pattern spreads sound evenly throughout the audience area. The on-board subwoofer is loaded with three 6' woofers that provide the perfect underpinning for the lower frequency range. And with all that, SOUNDCADDY ONE renders speech and music with remarkable authority and power. If can even deliver satisfying full range sound throughout the venue.

This active all-in-one sound system features an integrated 600 W Class-D power amp and a four-channel mixing console. Made of die-cast aluminium, the line source mid-/high-range enclosure is loaded with six 3.5' wide-range speakers with excellent reach, intelligibility, and a 70° horizontal coverage pattern. The pneumatic speaker pole automatically extends the system to a height of 2.10 meters at the touch of a button. The subwoofer’s three 6' woofers reinforce bass and low midrange frequencies.

Campbell performs at a variety of venues across the country either as a solo artist or with his musicians.

Using the Soundcaddy One has cut the set up time by half (particularly when performing solo) without jeopardising my performance. The audience can experience a superior balanced sound wherever they are located in the room.

The Soundcaddy compliments his unique voice as he performs some of those jazz standards and soul classics such has ‘My Foolish Heart’, ‘Let There Be Love’, ‘Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay and ‘Lets Stay Together’.

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Please direct press queries to Campbell Bass  Email  Or Telephone 07815 179275

Born in Nottingham, Campbell with his unique and distinctive voice brings a smooth charismatic style to his performances.