CandleCup Launches Unique Candle For Summer Wedding Season

A unique product that projects images using candlelight launches this week with a promise to add a sophisticated, creative edge to stylish summer weddings and other events.

CandleCup’s innovative design creates shimmering, colourful patterns which add a beautiful ambience to any space. Perfect as table settings, they can also be used in conjunction with flowers and other displays for florists keen to set off their beautiful creations with gentle lighting.

CandleCup’s clever design means it can be personalised with initials and other symbols, making it the perfect match for weddings and celebrations. Brides-to-be can incorporate their own initials or patterns to lend a personal touch to table settings. Thanks to its elegant design, the CandleCup can be mixed and matched with other decorations such as blooms and tableware or used alone.

The CandleCup itself comprises an inner glass with a coloured wrapper with symbols or letters cut out around it, while the outer glass is frosted. When the candle inside is lit, the CandleCup projects the symbols to create a dazzling effect. When combined with a favourite fragranced tealight it’s perfect for the home, to give as a gift or to use as a centrepiece at an event.

Amy Winson, CandleCup Business Manager said, “My great grandmother first invented the CandleCup. She originally placed a patterned votive candleholder inside a larger vessel to protect it from the wind. Over the years family and friends have always commented on how beautiful they look and the concept for CandleCup was born.

The stunning shimmering or dancing effect CandleCup creates helps make a beautiful atmosphere at weddings and other events, especially if they have been personalised for the occasion. But they’re not just for celebrations, they’re great for the home too and make excellent gifts.”

Individuals can purchase the product direct from the website but the company is also working with a network of florists and event planners, who show CandleCup to brides-to-be and use it to complement floral arrangements, adding something unique to the bride’s big day.

Buyers can choose to make their own design by getting in touch with the CandleCup team or they can opt for one of the many ideas ready to put in their basket on the website. There’s also a choice of colours, with each CandleCup coming in green, red, purple, blue, yellow, pink or grey.

When the candle burns out, it can simply be replaced by a tealight or votive refill.

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CandleCup is a small family team of artisans based in Cheshire and London. 



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