Capriza Secures Influx of New Investment

A transformative software group has taken the industry by storm and closed its Series C round of investment funding to the tune of almost £17 million. Capriza plans to use the latest influx of capital to meet rapidly growing customer demand, fast-track market penetration and continue to improve and enhance its platform in order to offer businesses an unrivalled mobile migration experience.  

Capriza addresses a major enterprise challenge of migrating existing business applications to mobility. Its SaaS solution disrupts the economics and speed of taking enterprises mobile.

Yuval Scarlat, Capriza’s co-founder and CEO said, “We’re incredibly humbled by the market response to our offering and investors’ confidence in our journey and we’re excited to accelerate our market reach with this additional capital.”

In today’s mobile-driven world businesses must adapt in order to stay at the top of their game. Capriza is helping enterprises meet business demands by transforming web applications into mobile-first experiences that deliver measurable results.

Scarlat adds, “The current business applications landscape is undergoing a massive transition from complex, desktop-based applications into highly personalized, snack-sized, contextual business apps that enable modern workforce mobility.  Existing business applications suffer from poor user adoption and were never designed with mobility in mind. Capriza is the only all-inclusive SaaS solution capable of transitioning businesses to mobility — quickly and affordably.” 

Using a cutting edge SaaS solution Capriza has reinvented the process of migrating existing business applications to mobility. Simple, fast and incredibly cost effective, the patented software requires no coding, no integrations and no upgrades. By side stepping the traditional need for complex tools, SDKs, coding, integration, and APIs, Capriza is able to slash costs, cut development times, minimise risks and increase ROI. This revolutionary approach has redefined the economics of mobile migration, allowing businesses to leverage their multi-million pound investments and launch them into the world of modern mobile technology with ease. 

As well as securing additional capital from Andreessen Horowitz and Charles River Ventures (CRV) the third stage of the campaign also saw Capriza expand its stakeholders to include exciting new units such as Tenaya Capital, Harmony Partners and Allen & Company.

Ben Horowitz, Capriza board member and general partner and co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz said, “Capriza’s breakthrough approach to mobile applications gives enterprises 10X more mobility at less than 1/10th the cost. As an investor, that got me extremely excited.”

Brian Melton of Tenaya Capital said, “It’s clear that Capriza’s SaaS offering fundamentally disrupts the speed and economics of taking businesses mobile. Capriza’s unparalleled approach enables companies to catapult into the modern mobile era, at a fraction of time and at fraction of the cost. I look forward to working with Yuval and the rest of the exceptional team at Capriza.”

Since its launch in 2011 Capriza has enjoyed immense success and quickly built itself an impressive portfolio of blue chip companies. Its customer base is continually expanding, with recent newcomers including global brands such a Brocade, DIRECTV, Marvel and Olympus.

While innovation sits at the core of the Capriza group its unprecedented success can also be attributed to the vast experience of its founders. The former Mercury Interactive executives include Yuval Scarlet (CEO), Oren Ariel (CTO), Ronnen Armon (VP, R&D), and Amnon Landon (Chairman), crowned Forbes’ 2003 Entrepreneur of the Year. This wealth of expertise is one of the major draw cards for investors and offers complete peace of mind that capital is in capable hands.

“The founders’ proven track record and deep enterprise expertise is outstanding. Capriza’s team excels at tackling long-standing, unresolved problems facing enterprise companies. This current tipping point has created a huge market opportunity that we believe Capriza can successfully seize,” said Izhar Armony of CRV division.

With Series C investment opportunities now closed, the industry is eagerly anticipating what Capriza has planned for 2015.

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About Capriza: Based in California, Capriza is a forward thinking software company that has revolutionised the speed and economics of launching businesses into the modern mobile era. At its core the group provides a vanguard enterprise mobility platform that transforms web applications into mobile-first experiences. The company is led by an expert team of executives with a wealth of experience in the software sphere.