Car4Leasing Enjoys Exclusive Invitation-Only Test of Jaguar’s New F-Type

Private and business car leasing firm, Car4Leasing has enjoyed an exclusive opportunity to put Jaguar’s new range through its paces after being invited by the manufacturer to a private track day.

The invite-only event, extended to a handful of motoring professionals, was organised by the British manufacturer in order to give dealers including Car4Leasing the chance to better understand its upgraded fleet. The day included time behind the wheel of the just launched F-Type during a high-octane outing at the official Jaguar test track in Gaydon.

All of the cars driven were road legal versions of the Jaguar range with no modifications. All are available through the Jaguar leasing team at Car4Leasing for both private and business clients.  

Packed full of performance tests and one-to-one sessions with the new F-Type in all its glory, the track day included the chance to get up close and personal with the V6 and V8 versions of the car. All activities took place on Jaguar’s own test track which famously features a 1 mile straight perfect for assessing top speed, handling and overall performance.

As a leading supply of private and business car leasing in the UK, Car4Leasing offers a carefully selected trio of Jaguar models to individual and corporate clients. The test day gave managing director Barry Mainstone a chance to fully asses the F-Type before supplying to clients.

The test day began with a power sliding session in the Jaguar XF Saloon and a thorough test of the car’s ABS System.  Barry Mainstone concluded, “Commonly thought of as a system which enables breaking to occur faster this could not be further from the truth. ABS breaking enables a driver to brake at speed and turn at the same time. ABS comes in pretty handy when driving the Jaguar XF towards a wall at 90mph and then breaking at the last minute whilst steering around the wall. We can safely concur that not only does the ABS work but the performance of the Jaguar XF is outstanding.”

After the power sliding session, attention turned to the main event and the chance to put the F-Type through its paces. With 14 brand new vehicles at the disposal of invitation holders, Car4Leasing was able to report first hand on the performance of the vehicle and assess its suitability as a personal and business leased vehicle. Barry Mainstone said, “The sheer acceleration of this car is phenomenal and the high pitch V6 engine made for audible delight as we sped into the first turn. The handling of the V6 version is a delight and everything felt so easy. We then swapped into the V8 version of the F-Type and with an audible grunt fly onto the track. The V8 carries a deep rumble every time you accelerate and feels amazing to drive. The difference between the two cars is seemingly very slight. The V8 carries a more powerful feel whilst the agile V6 seems to be more controllable but both are equally enjoyable to drive.”

The day concluded with a hot lap in the XK and a spin in the XJS.

Engineered to deliver sports car performance, the F-Type range has been developed by Jaguar to offer supremely smooth and responsive handling and pack a powerful punch with supercharged engines and advanced driving technologies. There are three models in the F-Type range, the F-Type, F-Type S and F-Type V8 S.

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