CarLock Announces Expansion To Australian Market

Down under drivers are set to enjoy sublime vehicle security with a recent announcement from CarLock revealing plans to expand its shipping service to Australian shores. Pegged as one of Europe’s hottest new gadgets, the innovative GPS tracking technology has won itself a legion of subscribers from vehicle owners wanting to ensure their wheels are remotely protected around the clock. With no bulky key chains, unsightly alarms and screaming sirens, CarLock is a subtle yet effective way to bring car thieves to a screeching halt.

Matej Persolja, CEO said, “Since its launch earlier this year, CarLock has enjoyed unprecedented success in the European market. This has given us the financial infrastructure and consumer confidence to launch the product to the Australian market. Like Europeans, Australian car owners face the issue of car theft on a daily basis. Our innovative device is the ideal security solution and with a special introductory offer up for grabs, we’re expecting to see an influx of Southern Hemisphere orders.”  

The device is effortlessly easy to use and is simply plugged directly into a car’s diagnostic port. A periodic signal is then transmitted to the CarLock Cloud which can be tracked via a downloadable smartphone app. Should any suspicious activity occur, owners are immediately notified with a shrill warning sound. From disconnected devices and lost GPS signals to irregular car vibrations and unexpected movements, users can keep tabs on their cars from any location, at any time. Thanks to the built-in cellular and GPS antenna, the CarLock application will not have a detrimental effect on phone performance or battery life.

Recent statistics from the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council indicated that in 2013 alone, Australia experienced a total of 54,343 car theft incidents. While the number significantly dropped from 2012’s 61,080 reported incidents, car theft still remains a genuine issue across the vast nation. CarLock puts an end to car heist headaches, allowing car owners to track and monitor vehicle movements using next generation remote GPS technology.

Furthermore, research from leading Australian insurance company AAMI revealed that a huge 65% of surveyed Australians ignore car alarms due to the fact that they are usually faulty or accidently set off. Statistics such as this position CarLock as the ideal security solution for concerned car owners who want to ensure that their rides are protected with more than just an alarm that more often than not goes ignored.   

The intelligent device has received five star reviews from tech critics and security savvy car owners alike. The app is available for download from iTunes or Google Play.  

CarLock will retail at a one off device price of $199 as well as a monthly subscription charge of $9.99. Buyers purchasing CarLock in the first week of the Australian shipping service will enjoy a special promotional offer - subscription free of charge for one year.

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About CarLock: CarLock uses state of the art GPS technology to provide a remote, all inclusive security solution for protecting cars against theft and tampering. The CarLock device is simply plugged into the diagnostic port and emits a constant signal to the CarLock Cloud. This can then be picked up through the installation of a smartphone application, giving car owners the power to monitor the location of their vehicle at all times. CarLock is significantly more effective than traditional car alarms which have a reputation of being false and are thus usually ignored by the public.