Challenger Sudoku Bringing the 2Player Sudoku App to all Smart Phones and Tablets

Are you a die-hard fan of Sudoku? Is Sudoku your favorite activity, whether you are on the tube, on bus, on the beach or waiting lounge of a hotel? Well, you must have often realized how engrossed you get in your own little “world” of Sudoku. Sudoku is pretty addictive not just for people who understand this exciting game, but also for anyone who wants to learn it. You can find people from all age-groups hooked on Sudoku and the satisfaction of accomplishing the puzzle is evident on their faces.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was way to involve an opponent in your Sudoku game? Wouldn’t it make the game more exciting, challenging and interesting? Well, “Challenger Sudoku” is just the game you have been waiting for! The Facebook app called Challenger Sudoku, is a LIVE, 2 player Sudoku game where players play against each other in Real-Time online. Yes! You heard it RIGHT! It’s a Real-Time 2 player Sudoku app that allows you to challenge your friends on Facebook in a game of Sudoku. Wow!? Right? You can now challenge your friend with Sudoku, no matter which corner of the world they are in. This app has created a whole new and unique experience for all Sudoku fans across the world.

To play the app on Facebook, visit it here

Sudoku is challenging and Challenger Sudoku takes the level a step further. In this game, players need to be quick, think strategically and have analytical skills to understand their opponents.  So, if you know how to play Sudoku, you can easily play Challenger Sudoku.  The app also allows you get feedback in real-time from the person you are playing against. By using colors, blue for you and red for your opponent, you can collect LIVE feedback. Thus, more blue you put in the
game screen with correct entries, the better. Red shows what your challenger has completed before you. Challenger Sudoku is an online game played in real-time. Depending on the level of competition and expertise of players, a game can last from 1 minute to 4 minutes.

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Wondering how exactly Challenger Sudoku works? See the amazing game in action and clear all your queries. Watch what the app developer has to say about Challenger Sudoku at

Developers of Challenger Sudoku can proudly say that they were the first ones to bring the real-time 2 player Sudoku app to the net through Facebook. They probably know what you are thinking! You would love to have the same app for your iPhone or Android phone. Well, Challenger Sudoku will make a great app for your smart phone. To bring this exciting app to Android and iPhone, Challenger Sudoku has organized a crowd funding campaign. To know more about the aim and details of their crowd funding campaign, visit

If you are a Sudoku lover, you will surely want to see the game develop beyond the net onto your smart phone and tablet devices. Start with funding the Challenger Sudoku campaign as it is surely a worthy contribution towards your favorite game. Stay tuned, the Challenger Sudoku developers also plan to start tournaments in the coming year.

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