“Challenging what you see and what you hear; EyeTone Records celebrates EP Launch With Limited Edition BeatWoven Collaboration”

Eyetone Records is introduced into the underground electronic music scene this month by one of its distinguished members and international touring DJ, UK artist DEMI. A vinyl only label that joins an increasingly competitive industry, with a passion and commitment in finding ways to challenge how electronic music is presented sonically and visually for music enthusiasts who understand the value of the relationship between music and physical connectivity. 

To celebrate the launch of the label’s limited edition Leave It All Behind EP, EyeTone Records has teamed up with award winning textile designer and BeatWoven founder, Nadia-Anne Ricketts. Together the pair have created a special edition vinyl art sleeve project which captures the essence of both EyeTone Records and Demi’s inaugural EP.

Demi explains, “EyeTone is a stream of conscious and subconscious thoughts and emotions triggered by innovative cover work designs by different visual artists I admire to help challenge what you see and what you hear. All of our music will be presented in its optimum format on vinyl with its own compelling story told for the heart, from the heart. Our customers appreciate the fact that vinyl is forever and would much prefer to own a corporeal copy of a record rather than an electronic or digital version. However each vinyl purchase will come with a digital download of each release in edited form.”

Leave It All Behind is Demi’s first solo foray and involves the lyrical re-arrangment of one of the most iconic pop songs in music history. The immortal words and voice of Freddy Mercury provides the listener with a 15 minute sonic odyssey that forms the basis of Demi’s own voyage of self-discovery. Cactus forms the b-side which delves deeper into sonic exploration to reinvent the vocals of musical great David Bowie. With the use of modified hardware units, Demi manipulates and glides Bowie’s voice through a murky, mysterious and seductive path that challenges even the most discerning of dance floors.

Founded in 2009, BeatWoven is an innovative and award winning textiles design company which visualises audio patterns and combines them with lifestyle applications. The group has received global recognition for its work which utilises bespoke audio technology to create literal geometric patterning especially for weaving. Every project is utterly unique and reflects the individuality of a track’s sound and harmonies. To create the Leave It All Behind artwork, the track was played through cutting edge audio technology and translated into woven patterns. Synthetic yarns were then chosen to weave the patterns together using a digital loom. These included polyesters, nylons and metallics. The result is a one of a kind vinyl cover, a true collector’s art piece which reflects the heart of what’s set to be one of 2014’s most galvanising underground electronic releases.

Leave It All Behind is set to hit shelves on December 8 2014. The EP will be available from online record store Juno Records as well as vinyl stores across the globe. The product would make a unique gift for anyone with an appreciation for electronic music, art and the timeless value of vinyl.

To learn more about EyeTone Records visit the website at: www.eyetonerecords.com

To check out Demi and forthcoming music, visit

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/demiofficialmusic/sets 

YouTube: www.youtube.com/demilovedup 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/demidj  


To find out more about BeatWoven and how Nadia Ricketts is reinventing the concept of musical artwork visit her website at: www.beatwoven.co.uk 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SoundWeaves

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/105745399 

Note to Editors: Issued by Dakota Digital. Contact Rebecca Appleton. Email: Rebecca@dakotadigital.co.uk / eyetonerecords@gmail.com

About EyeTone Records: Based in London, EyeTone Records is a brand new vinyl label and introduction to the underground music scene. The group was founded by artist and DJ Demi, who is also the talent behind the label’s debut EP, Leave It All Behind. To celebrate the launch of the label EyeTone Records has teamed up with award winning audio textiles company, BeatWoven.