Check UK Horoscopes for Free – Whether You Believe Them or Not

From lifelong believers to unconvinced sceptics, the allure of astrology is hard to resist. In fact according to a recent article published by The Independent, a huge 75% of the population read horoscopes in newspapers and magazines. Yet despite this high figure, only one quarter of these believe what they read. Astromara caters to all sides of the pond with its free UK horoscopes service which offers readers accurate and personalised predictions with just a few clicks of the mouse.

The study of astrology dates back to the 3rd millennium BC and has been practiced by civilisations across the globe, from Indians and Chinese to Mayans and Europeans. At its core, the complex system of divination explores the relationship between planetary positions and events that occur in the human world. Some people base their everyday actions around horoscope readings and sincerely believe that the positions of the sun, moon, and other celestial objects have the power to determine personality traits, predict future events and ultimately influence the proceedings of day-to-day life. Astromara is bringing astrology into the 21stcentury with its free online UK horoscope forecasts available on a weekly or monthly basis.

Paul O’Mara, owner of AstrOMara said, “I am utterly devoted to the art of astrology and would encourage believers and sceptics alike to explore Astromara and open their minds to the power of the planets. It is a serious subject but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! Our readings are 100% sincere but for those who aren’t’ quite convinced we’re happy for them to be used as a form of everyday entertainment, whether it’s at the breakfast table, on the train or while sipping an afternoon cup of coffee.”  

While some are avid believers in the influence of the stars, horoscope readings can also be taken with a grain of salt. For those that classify themselves in the sceptics category, Astromara’s daily or monthly star sign forecasts can provide a unique and fascinating source of entertainment. Everyone falls into one of the 12 star sign groups and despite widespread scepticism the magnetism of reading astrological predictions and comparing them to life events is a habit that’s hard to resist.

In an interview with The Independent Dr Chris French, professor of psychology at Goldsmiths University explains his take on the global phenomenon. He revealed that despite the fact that he is sceptical about the validity of star signs he still regularly flicks to the horoscopes section when reading his daily newspaper.

"I do it for the same reason that half the population do: for entertainment," he said.

Regardless of personal opinions on astrology, Astromara provides curious Brits with expert horoscope readings tailor made for all 12 signs of the zodiac. Whether read to see what the stars hold for the future or purely as a source of entertainment, Astromara’s horoscope gurus are calling on the public to visit the site, get to know their star sign and explore the wonders of the age old art of horoscopes.   

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