Chia Charge Launches Mini Versions of Popular Flapjack Bars in time for London Marathon

Refuelling just got tastier, with British sports nutrition brand Chia Charge launching two new products in the lead up to the Virgin London Marathon.
Created for marathoners, trail runners, cyclists, obstacle racers and other high energy competitors, the 30g bars are packed full of real ingredients, plus the supercharged goodness of chia seeds. Blending the tastiness of flapjacks with the energy credentials of a sports gel, the bars are the perfect balance of flavour and function. 

Small enough to slip into a pair of running shorts, the new mini Chia Charge flapjacks are designed to help athletes refuel, on the go. A delicious blend of oats, butter, golden syrup, brown sugar, chia seeds, sea salt flakes and rice flour, the Original Mini Chia Charge Flapjack is a compact version of its full sized counterpart. Chia works its magic, while a sprinkling of salt actively helps the body replace electrolytes. Created for ultra-health conscious consumers, the Mini Berry Flapjack has no added sugar. dates and cranberries bring organic sweetness, with butter, oats, chia seeds, salt flakes and rice flour binding the fruits together with all natural goodness. 

As a source of Omega 3 and antioxidants, the compact bars pack a serious sports nutrition punch. The balanced carb supply is designed to burn slowly for ongoing energy and endurance, which means that after the initial benefit of the simple sugars wear off, the complex carbohydrates sustain energy. This eliminates the post consumption crashes triggered by gels, and keeps athletes moving forward with real food. With Omega 3 and 6 to aid recovery, the bars offer a powerful feel good factor - all in just 30g of goodness. 

“At the end of the day we’re all about fuelling the needs of athletes, so when we get flooded with the same requests we take action. Compact bars that can be consumed on the move were a major request in 2015, and this year we’ve responded by recreating our bestselling flapjacks, in mini bars of easy to use goodness,” says Tim Taylor, Founder and creator of Chia Charge

In comparison to competing brands that rely heavily on powders, chemicals and other unpronounceable ingredients, Chia Charge draws its goodness straight from kitchen cupboard ingredients. Since launching in 2012, its products have become a staple in the diets of athletes. Today, bars are sold in over 300 stores across the UK, including Ocado, Cotswold Outdoor, Up and Running and Sweatshop, as well as hundreds of independent retail stores and sports centres nationwide. 

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Founded in 2012, Chia Charge is one of the UK’s most popular sports nutrition brands. Using natural ingredients, the company creates delicious chia based energy products that taste great.



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