Children’s Organic Clothing Company Previews Everyday School Wear Inspired by Family Values

From September this year organic clothing company, Keen will be selling everyday school wear for children aged 4-16 years-old.

Until that time the brand new company will be selling 100% organic cotton ‘WEAR A VALUE NOT A BRAND’ teaser T-shirts from their website so that potential customers can experience quality before the full collection of everyday organic clothing is released.

The t-shirts teaser collection was inspired by the values parents wish to pass onto their children.  Featuring simple stick figures that children understand, Keen’s first collection highlights the simple values of achievement, balance and effort.

Evita Bazakou, KEEN founder said “We are so excited to release our range inspired by key family values. Initially our designs focus on highlighting achievement, balance and effort but we plan to expand this in future ranges.

“Our range encompasses all that we hold dear and we believe that by releasing these ‘WEAR A BRAND NOT A VALUE’ t-shirts we are encouraging parents to pass their values onto their children. With our buy four get one free offer it has never been easier to make a statement of your family values and at the same time experience organic cotton’s exceptional quality at an affordable price.

“Our clothes are an excellent option for children (or adults) with atopic dermatitis, eczema, and sensitive skin. For children up to 4 years old it is very easy to find organic clothing, but for older children, it is almost impossible to find trendy organic clothes. Our tees are a stylish solution to this problem.

The release comes as the organic cotton market experienced a growth of 10% in 2015 following three years of decline according to the Organic Cotton Market Report conducted by Textile Exchange.

Available for £20.95 each the tees are made from responsibly sourced organic cotton with a range of black and white designs available. They include stickmen on the front with the phrases:  ‘A is for Achievement’, ‘B is for Balance’ and ‘E is for effort’. 

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About Keen

Keen are an ethical clothing company created for families by families who specialises in high quality 100% organic cotton t-shirts that showcase a families values rather than simply wearing a brand.

Keen’s organic material is created with your child in mind meaning you can keep an eye on their sensitive skin. All material conforms to international standards, it is manufactured in Greece and it is child labour free.

100% Organic Cotton Yarn, 100% Azo Free, 100% Formaldehyde Free, 100% Free of Allergenic / Carcinogenic Dyes, 100% safe – Organic material counts for less than 1% of worldwide cotton production and Keen’s Greek cotton counts for even less as it is scarce and precious.


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