Choosing the Right Exhibition Equipment

When choosing equipment to take to an exhibition, trade show or other competitive event, choosing the appropriate stands and display graphics can go a long way in enhancing a company’s presence. There are many different elements and facets of roll-up banners and exhibition equipment which should be considered when making this decision; Portfolio Display has some handy tips on how best to approach choosing display equipment for a special event.

The shape of a banner stand is one of the most important elements to consider, as well as its positioning in the context of the display. If an exhibition stand is intended to frame either side of another display, or to flank a pop-up counter, it should not be too wide or unwieldy. If too much attention is being given to the framing banner stands, the attention is being missed when it really counts; on the field staff or sales representatives. Vertical, rectangular shaped printed banners are ideal for this purpose; imposing and attractive, they command attention without hogging the limelight and they pull in the crowds for the right reasons.

The graphics are an integral part of choosing a banner stand, especially the company logo and catchy headline. If a brand name is long, with a horizontal logo which stretches out to the left and the right, a much wider pop-up banner stand might be required to prevent the logo from looking too small and becoming lost in the expanse of a banner. If this is not an option, and a company chooses to stick with the vertiginous banner stands, the company name could always be abbreviated and the logo repositioned. The headline is the most important aspect of a graphic on a banner stand; it boosts recognition of a company and will garner the most attention from passers-by if it is well positioned and easy to read.

Businesses looking to create a certain type of atmosphere at an exhibition or trade show can also use their exhibition stands for this end. For example, if the intention is to create an enclosed space where prospective clients can come and chat informally about their needs with experts, Twist banner stands can be manipulated into a variety of shapes and curves. They can face inwards to create a more secluded space, or they can face outwards for the

more attention-grabbing product launches and special offers. This offers exhibitors an almost unlimited range of options where the overall feel and ambience of their display is concerned.

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