City Antenatal: a New Style of Antenatal Class in Canary Wharf

Busy city mums-to-be can ring in the New Year with a new kind of convenience this month as maternity and childcare specialist City Antenatal opens its doors.

Pioneering a different kind of antenatal class ideal for professionals in Canary Wharf and the City, the specialist sessions focus on equipping parents with the information many new parents say they wished theyd known beforehand. This includes delivering the practical knowledge expectant parents need to handle pregnancy, childbirth and the stressful post natal period.

Emma Dewey, founder of City Antenatal said, Weve set out to turn the traditional notion of antenatal classes on its head, by helping parents to prepare for after the birth too which usually encompasses the most stressful weeks of the whole experience. We equip parents to deal with this challenging period by helping them to be informed about issues such as breastfeeding, feeding schedules, sleep routines and pragmatic parenting.

City Antenatal has built a team of highly specialised consultants ahead of its launch. Its classes call on the skills and expertise of a wide range of renowned antenatal and postnatal experts, including midwives, lactation consultants, sleep specialists, obstetricians, nutritionists and reflexologists.

Designed to begin in the final trimester, City Antenatal classes take place in the heart of Canary Wharf with lunch time sessions and evening classes scheduled to fit around work commitments. The lunch time sessions are female only for open discussion on intimate topics, while the evening sessions welcome partners too.

The class syllabus has been carefully planned so every aspect of pregnancy is covered, leaving mums-to-be feeling confident and prepared for labour and birth. Guidance on emotional and physical wellbeing completes a fully holistic approach.

In the introductory first session for example, midwife and lactation consultant Beth Graham is joined by expert nutritionist Melanie Brown, and former Olympian and personal trainer Linda Hedenstrom. This sets  up mums for the road ahead, giving expert guidance on considerations such as sleep positions and nutrition to take care of mind and body during the final trimester.

Session two focuses on the birth, with session three looking at the What ifs?. Classes four, five and six deal with the post-birth period, offering expectant parents practical advice and guidance to ease the transition, and to make the difficult first few weeks easier to handle. Topics covered include feeding the baby during the first week, what to expect and the practicalities of breastfeeding for mum. Other subjects include: coping with sleep deprivation and the baby blues, identifying signs of post natal depression, pelvic floor exercises, as well as establishing all-important sleep and feeding routines, and available support networks.

In addition to antenatal classes that dont just focus on the traditional ante aspect, City Antenatal has developed specialised postnatal care consultations in sleep training, breastfeeding and weaning.

For mums seeking an extra helping hand, City Antenatal has partnered with Babyem, one of the countrys leading providers of maternity nurses, night nannies and au pairs. City Antenatals Emma Dewey said, Babyem trains sleep professionals and maternity practitioners throughout the country, making us best placed to advise on childcare. We realised through training maternity nurses and sleep trainers that there are gaps in traditional antenatal classes. I also wanted to make sure that during our classes we give the right information from the very best people, so expectant parents can make the best decisions for them. We believe this makes the addition of Babyem's expertise a perfect fit for confident, intelligent working women, who want to prepare in a way that suits them ahead of their childs birth.

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