Clothing brand celebrates Pokémon Go with hipster Pikachu design

Pokémon Go may only have launched last month but it’s already amassed a legion of followers, with downloads of the mobile app estimated to have already topped 100 million and breaking Apple Store records. Fans of the popular franchise can now demonstrate their passion for the game with the release of a new graphic design t-shirt from Shhplash Clothing.

The augmented reality app Pokémon Go has seen users walking the streets in search of pocket monsters in a bid to catch them all and take over gyms in cities and towns across the world. The original Pokémon game launched 20 years ago and the latest addition to the franchise has reignited its popularity with both new and old fans joining in the hunt.

The graphic t-shirt from Shhplash Clothing features popular Pokémon character Pikachu with a hipster vibe. The design illustrates the character with a dashing hairstyle, tattoos and some piercings, mixing together two aspects of today’s popular culture.

Chike C, Creative Director of Shhplash clothing, said, “We wanted to celebrate the renewed popularity of Pokémon while reflecting one of societies current trends – hipsters. There is a look, attitude and lifestyle when you’re a hipster and this Pikachu graphic perfectly captures the traits of hipsterism, from the beard to the stylish bow tie. Shhplash Clothing draws on modern trends and then gives them a twist to create unique and relevant pieces of clothing.”

Pokémon fans can get hold of the ‘hipstachu’ t-shirt by pre-ordering through the Shhplash Clothing website before the 31st August. The t-shirt is priced at £25 with free UK delivery and the product will ship from Monday 5th September.

Shhplash Clothing is a new fashion brand that draws inspiration from current trends in popular culture and social media platforms. In the online shop consumers can find a range of graphic t-shirts to purchase. The brand is set to release its autumn/winter 2016 hoodie collection online soon.

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Shhplash Clothing is a new popular fashion brand that reflects currents trends drawn from social media and popular culture. Shhplash always produces fresh t-shirt designs that can be purchased through its online store. 



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