Cloud 12 Reaches New Heights Filming Hollywood Blockbuster in London

Forget cloud nine. An aerial drone filming specialist has taken things three notches higher on its latest feature film shoot for a Hollywood blockbuster set in London. After securing ground-breaking permissions from the City of London, Cloud 12 was able to capture bird’s eye footage for the highly anticipated sequel to a hit 2013 action thriller.

Ben Keene, Managing Director of Cloud 12 said, “Contemporary viewers expect so much more, especially when films fall into the action/thriller genre. Were beyond excited to be pushing the boundaries of conventional drone footage and offering producers the chance to seriously stimulate their viewers and capture stunning aerial shots.”

Since 2012, Cloud 12 has been blazing a trail with its ability to secure ground breaking permissions where other companies fail. To date, no other specialist has achieved the consent that allows Cloud 12 to offer its clients exclusive footage shot above the world’s most coveted capital city. This commitment sets the company apart from the crowd and is what will continue to make it the drone filming company of choice for production groups, ad agencies and large scale Hollywood feature films.

Featuring an all-star cast of Hollywood greats, this latest feature film is predisposed to be nothing short of epic. A series of Hollywood A-Listers all come together to create what’s sure to be one of this year’s biggest silver screen blockbusters. Of course, the action packed storyline called for electrifying footage and Cloud 12 was ready to deliver. With the assistance of UAViate the company was able to acquire trailblazing permission to film above the streets of central London.

The council consent saw Olivia, the company’s prized Aeronavics SkyJib 8 Heavy Lift Octocopter soar high above the city carrying a Blackmagic 4K Cinema camera. She was controlled by one of the company’s most experienced pilots boasting over 30 years of experience in the industry.

While on-ground crews worked tirelessly to set up spectacular shots, UAV footage seriously galvanises production value and takes viewers to a whole other level. With the capacity to lift RED Epic cameras and shoot up to 6K resolution, Cloud 12 offers film producers an unsurpassed experience. A dedicated team of aerial drone experts is on-hand to advise on scene set-up and help producers use the equipment to relay a story in every shot. 

The project was the company’s second major feature film in six months, with its drones last commissioned to film scenes for ‘Criminal,’ an action crime-thriller starring Gary Oldman, Kevin Costner, Ryan Reynolds and Tommy Lee Jones.

Thanks to contacts with major stakeholders in London and the UK, Cloud 12 is confident in its ability to secure aerial filming permissions across the nation. From feature films and high budget advertising shoots to TV shows and music videos, all inquiries are welcome.  Armed with the capacity for global deployment Cloud 12 is able to deliver its expert service to clients around the world. 

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Based in the UK, Cloud 12 provides specialist aerial drone filming services to a global base of clients. The company is renowned for its ability to secure exclusive permissions to film in restricted air space. Clients enjoy state-of-the-art equipment, expert advice and the flexibility for worldwide deployment. Its latest achievement was soaring high above the streets of the British capital to capture footage for an upcoming Hollywood blockbuster set in London and filming scenes for the action crime-thriller, Criminal.