Cocofina Couriers and Themed Wedding Proposals – Isotonic Coconut Water Gains Excitable New Fans in South Africa!

London, UK: Delicious coconut water, Cocofina has begun attracting a brand new crowd who are willing to go to extreme lengths to have access to their favourite beverage. London’s South African population have gone crazy for the isotonic drink, which is sold across more than 2,500 premium outlets in the UK and many more across 20 countries.

There have been reports that Cocofina fans are paying up to £300 to transport four cases of the drink back to South Africa by courier, so that they and their families can enjoy the cool, refreshing taste whenever they like. One man and his girlfriend were even so caught up the Cocofina craze that he personally contacted the brand’s HQ from South Africa asking if they could courier enough to fill his girlfriend’s fridge with her favourite drink. His girlfriend had lived in London and fallen in love with the delicious taste of pure coconut juice; the man proposed to her in front of her Cocofina-stocked fridge. No word as of yet on whether she accepted, but you can bet the fridge full of her favourite drink was a persuading factor!

Jacob Thundil, founder of Cocofina, says, “We are thrilled that our drinks have proved such a hit with the South African population in London. With people transporting full cases of the drink all over the world so they can enjoy it whenever they like, and with Cocofina-themed marriage proposals, we feel that we’ve really hit the right note. Cocofina was launched in South Africa in June 2013 and has been a sell out at the wellness warehouse. As a result of this positive feedback we will expand our range and listings with retailers in South Africa to delight our customers.”

Cocofina have been trading in the UK since 2005, and have launched the best tasting coconut products available including Coconut Water, Raw Organic Coconut Oil, Raw Coconut Spread, Coconut Sugar, and Coconut Snacks. The naturally isotonic coconut water is a great beverage for hydration, which has been essential in London’s scorching summer this year, and contains a multitude of minerals and electrolytes that are crucial in a healthy body. With high levels of potassium and electrolytes to aid increased hydration, the drink is as healthy as it is tasty.

The coconut company are also highly aware of eco-friendly and ethical endeavours as well as charitable causes around the world. An entirely natural product, Cocofina features absolutely no synthetic chemicals, additives or added sugars, unlike many of its competitor products, which are loaded with colourings and potentially harmful substances. Cocofina supports Action Against Hunger; 10p per case sold worldwide is donated towards the charity, with a minimum donation of £5,000.  

Cocofina is currently available in The Wellness Warehouse, Food Lover’s Market, selected Spar outlets, all leading independent health stores and online in South Africa.

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