Companies Urged to go Digital as Business Printing Costs ‘Out of Control’

A survey conducted by Oki Systems UK has revealed that 52% of office managers, IT managers and finance directors have no idea what the business spend on printing is.

44% of businesses surveyed said they were aware of printing costs, and overheads were £10,000 a year or above. Equally shocking is that 39% of SMEs admit they are overspending due to unnecessary print by employees. With printing costs out of control for many businesses, digital solutions company Pearl Scan is urging companies to consider electronic document management.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director of Pearl Scan, says, “It’s worrying that the majority of businesses are unaware of how much they are printing and spending on print services. Without measuring this, companies are missing out on opportunities to save and manage budgets more effectively. Once the shocking cost of printing – much of it needless – is calculated, businesses often realise that going digital is the most cost effective option.”

Whether companies outsource much of their printing or complete it all in house, going digital has a multitude of benefits. Storing documents digitally eliminates the need for the majority of printing – or all of it if businesses decide to implement a paperless office. Sharing documents with colleagues and clients is easier and doesn’t add to the printing overheads. Moreover, by using electronic document storage, offices remove the need for physical file storage – which could also result in extra savings if storage costs are abolished or businesses can move to a smaller office and save on rent.

Mr Ashraf added, “Printing costs don’t need to be out of control – it is possible for businesses to take back control and stop the overspending. With our full range of scanning services, we can scan all types of documents and files, including full OCR scanning to ensure efficient search and retrieval. Many companies presume it is too expensive to go digital, but in fact it is cost effective and most SMEs would save a great deal of money in the long run.”

Pearl Scan has worked within the full spectrum of public sector organisations and private small, medium and large businesses to assist in digital operations. The scanning specialists can transform every file within a business into a digital document, including documents with sensitive data, books, surveys, images, business cards, CAD scans and professional blueprints, aperture cards and microfiche and microfilm.

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