Computer memory experts looking forward to rumored Microsoft release

When Apple released their revolutionary Macintosh 128k in in 1984, no-one could have predicted the impact it would have on the world. Now looking a million miles away, the modern-day iMac is a true icon. So it comes as no surprise that Microsoft is set to challenge Apple for their all-in-one computer crown. Data Memory Systems, one of the US’ leading suppliers of computer memory, has championed the news, and signaled it as a potential shift in the computer world.

According to sources, the tech giant is ready to launch its very first all-in-one PC – similar to Apple’s iMac – under the same rouse as its leading tablet, the Surface and its celebrated 2-in-1 Surface Book Laptop. Looking to further establish itself as innovators and take the lead when it comes to desktop computers, Microsoft is aiming to position its new computer as a ‘living room’ device. And like the iMac, will push the device as much more than a simple computer. Showcasing its stylish streaming abilities for all multimedia needs, as well as the more traditional computer processes, such as web browsing, work and gaming, Microsoft look to be aiming to make the Surface a ‘hub’ of the home.

Speaking about the revelation, Justin Briere, Senior Account Manager at Data Memory Systems said, “The fact that Microsoft is ready to jump on the Apple bandwagon isn’t surprising. The Apple iMac has been a pinnacle for the computer industry for many years. Providing a compact, stylish yet powerful solution, the Mac has set standards high, and Microsoft is probably the only company that can truly challenge them.”

Also looking set to compete against similar Windows-based products made by Microsoft’s partners, the report suggests that this new PC could be released as early as this year. Coming hot on the back of rumors that suggested the second generation Surface Book has been pushed back to early next year, it looks as though this new all-in-one machine will plug the gap.

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