Computer memory experts predict the future of mobile phone storage

As it’s revealed that that Microsoft are set to release the Surface Phone with an impressive 256GB of internal storage, Data Memory Systems, one of the leading computer memory specialists in the US, has championed the news and predicted that mobile phones could soon be used to enhance customer experiences of laptops and tablets in a whole host of settings.

Able to run word processing programs and video editing software without any trouble, the large capacity Surface Phone will run effortlessly while still performing to a high standard. Seamlessly integrating with personal computers, the 5.7” mobile will provide users with a one-stop shop for all their needs on to go.

Justin Briere, Senior Account Manager at Data Memory Systems said, “This revelation is not a surprise, however it is extremely interesting for the industry as it could be the start of a new generation of mobiles. With enough capacity to store work, presentations and films, as well as images, videos and messages, mobile phones could soon be used in the same vein as personal computers and enhance users’ experiences of technology.”

As mobile phones have become an integral part of people’s lives, it comes as no surprise that they are rapidly catching up to computers and tablets. When Apple released the iPhone in 2007, it signaled the start of the smartphone generation. Allowing people to browse the web and make purchases, send and respond to emails and keep up to date with breaking news at the touch of a few buttons, the iPhone signaled the start of what was to come. So much a part of everyday life, consumers are demanding more from their phones than ever before. Wanting them to perform like powerful computers and tablets, it was only a matter of time before manufacturers started to look at increasing memory and RAM to improve performance and make them work much more like a traditional computer.

Microsoft aren’t the only ones responding to demand with large mobile internal storage. Apple’s latest phone – the iPhone 6 is available with a 128GB internal memory, while Samsung offers its customers memory cards for their range of phones of up to 128GB. However with the Surface Phone set to take the mobile market by storm and cement Microsoft as key players in the industry, other mobile manufacturers will have to up their game to meet consumer demand.

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