ConCard Solves the Age Old Problem of Too Many ‘Address Books’ With IndieGoGo Funding Request

ConCard need support with crowdfunding Cloud based Address Book project 

Most of us have lost our mobile phones at some time or other and we know what a drag it can be. Those days of panic are nearly over. A new address book system is currently being developed that will make the need for taking handwritten notes of telephone numbers on paper obsolete. Technology start-up Concard has solved the challenge of how to retain your contacts’ telephone numbers in a central storage that will sync with all of your address books at once.  

Although there are already cloud based contact information storage solutions, what makes Concard different is that you don’t have to sign in to a number of apps to get the overall picture. It will save all your numbers, emails and contact information of your contacts in one place. It can also be updated by the owner of the number, so that you don’t need to worry about not having the latest number of a friend, as long as you’re connected. Numbers can also be exchanged by tapping two phones together. Your friends will always have the right number for you too, just as long as you maintain it to keep it current.

Concard is run by Richard Low and Dan Caputo, two forward thinking professionals who are working in full time jobs. They’re passionate about this futuristic and very desirable product. It’s the first of its kind and the entrepreneurs are keen to bring it to reality. Needing £140,000 to get established, the finance will be spent on employing two full time developers, a designer and paying for the entire first year operating costs of the business, including the rent of a small London based office.

In exchange, funders can opt to attend the launch of this must-have product. Alternatively funders can enjoy appearing either in name or image on the website for an entire year.  

Products such as this from Concard are what makes life far more convenient. The horror of losing a friends number whom we haven’t seen for a while and who refuses to use social media is something that none of us enjoy. Concard is a system that will put that neatly in the past. Anybody who wants to show support for gaining the benefits of one central address book visit