ConsortiQ launch nation’s first SAR specific accredited drone training course

Integrated drone training provider, ConsortiQ has collaborated with Surrey Search and Rescue (SurSAR) to offer the first drone training and consultancy services specifically for Search and Rescue (SAR) applications. Combining the aviation industry knowledge and CAA recognised UAQ courses from ConsortiQ with specific modular delivery and SAR relevant scenarios, this new service will enable SAR professionals to fly a drone safely and legally using the technology to improve their emergency response efforts. This new specialised course will also teach candidates to use sensors such as telephoto cameras and thermal imaging cameras when integrated with a drone, in order to gather high resolution geospatial data to assist with their services. With plans to offer this training and consultancy nationwide, consistency in UAV knowledge and technical capability across the SAR teams within the country can be achieved.

ConsortiQ and SurSAR formed a working relationship after the SAR team approached ConsortiQ when searching for a quality drone training and solutions provider. After recognising the wider need for such specialised services, the companies collaborated to respond to the growing needs of the industry.

Ben Keene, Operations Director at ConsortiQ commented, “We help companies leverage the benefits of using a drone to complete a wide variety of tasks, so we are aware of the many industrial applications that can benefit from using a drone. When contacted by SurSAR it became clear that the need for drone piloting education within the Search and Rescue specialism was imperative. After further discussion we realised the challenges that SurSAR, and other SAR teams, would face were highly specialised which led us to focus on this specific sector. We are thrilled with this partnership and look forward to assisting the incredible work of SAR organisations”.

Séamus Kearn at SurSAR added, “Using a drone for our services can give us unimaginable access to hard to reach areas like never before, improving our response time, our flexibility and also increasing the safety of our members of staff. As drone use becomes more widespread it is clear that we should be adopting the technology. Our search for a drone solutions provider to enable us to do this led us to ConsortiQ who, after comparing a number of courses and consultancy companies, went above and beyond the CAA requirements to bring the most thorough training in the industry. It is with great excitement that we announce this SAR specific offering, which is set to revolutionise the way SAR teams operate in the future.”

In addition to the SAR focus that will be applied to the CAA approved drone training available from ConsortiQ, opportunity for Continual Professional Development (CPD) will also be addressed with modules including search techniques, water rescue and night operations. SAR organisations that are registered charities are eligible to receive a discount when seeking this training, in a move that shows ConsortiQ’s support for the valuable efforts of these teams.

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ConsortiQ Ltd was incorporated in March 2015 bringing together three leading drone companies and six dynamic individuals. With a history of pioneering safety cases for multi-million dollar US movie productions, filming high profile music videos and with innovative approaches to regulatory training; ConsortiQ leveraged the capabilities and knowledge by merging UAViate Ltd, Cloud12 Ltd and UAV Airways Ltd. ConsortiQ still retain the original brands as ‘shop fronts’ and trading names although they have been wholly subsumed into ConsortiQ Ltd.



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