Core Spreads Committed To Providing Useful Risk Management Tools

A no-frills spread betting provider is keeping clients cool and confident by offering a wide range of risk management tools. Each risk management tool has been developed by the Core Spreads’ team of spread betting specialists and are designed to minimise the risks associated with trading on the markets.

A spokesman for Core Spreads says, “All successful traders need to be well versed in the art of risk management. Our specially engineered tools have been designed to help clients minimise risks and ensure that their spread betting ventures are as safe and secure as possible.”

At the heart of the Core Spreads’ risk management tool base is the defensive ‘stop loss’ option. This allows clients to specify the maximum loss they are willing to take on a trade. Clients simply set a stop loss figure and ride the market with the complete peace of mind that when funds drop to pre-set exit level, Core Spreads account managers will immediately close the trade. While the stop loss service isn’t a guarantee, it does serve as a valuable instruction platform. Stop losses are completely free to use and can be placed and altered at any time during a trade. 

For those wishing to enjoy fail-safe certainty that their funds won’t slip below a specified figure, ‘guaranteed stop losses’ is just the ticket. As the name suggests, a guaranteed stop loss policy provides absolute assurance that losses will be capped at a pre-set level.

A ‘limit order’ is another risk management tool designed to help clients safely control their cash. The tool allows traders to specify the price at which they enter and exit a trade. When used to govern exit figures, limit orders can be specified when placing a trade or once the trade has gone live. Like stop losses, the tool isn’t a cast iron guarantee however it does serve as an indispensable guideline for account managers. 

Traders with an appreciation for keeping up-to-the-minute with the markets can take advantage of Core Spreads’ ‘Trailing Stops’ tool, a function which actively trails the live market. While an exact stop level is not specified, traders can cap accounts above or below the current market price.

For the ultimate in spread betting protection, ‘Auto Close Outs’ is designed to deliver. The feature actively protects clients against falling into negative equity using a dual step process. When markets move against a client the firm will automatically issue a notification. If the loss continues to accumulate, auto close outs will automatically attempt to close out trade before the account is hit with a loss greater than the value of profits and existing cash.

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Financial spread bets are leveraged products, which means you could lose more than you deposit. You should ensure spread betting meets your investment objectives.

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