Corporate Hampers Can Take Gift-Giving That Extra Mile

Corporate gift-giving is on the rise, as companies and organisations compete for a client’s continued business or to make their sponsors, business partners or collaborators feel valued and appreciated. However, there is a fine line between offering up a bland gift without any thought whatsoever, and presenting a client with a gift that might be deemed to extravagant, or a waste of company resources. Food hampers are a great gift to give in any corporate situation, and they can be tailor-made to fit any budget necessary. The gifts can be personalised by creating a build-your-own food hamper, or they can be chosen from a pre-prepared selection which combine favourites from every food group. They can be given in almost any corporate situation to show commitment and gratitude, and to treat those close to the company.

Luxury food hampers can be used as a great corporate gift to say thank you to a regular customer or client, or to show appreciation to staff after a long and arduous campaign of some sort. Packed full of locally sourced items such as biscuits, preserves and cured meats, the hampers appeal to every palate, and contain something which everyone will enjoy. From buttery shortbread to luxurious chocolate truffles, there is something for the sweet tooth, whilst those partial to a more savoury snack can enjoy cheese sourced from all over the Scottish Highlands, with delicious oatcakes smothered in pate. Small hampers contain around 8 items, whilst the largest gifts for the most valued partners or clients can feed a small army with more than 20 different gourmet treats to enjoy.

Prizes and incentives can often motivate staff members within companies to smash their targets and work harder than ever. A luxury champagne hamper as a prize, complete with a stunning gift box and accompanied by some delicious chocolates is sure to stoke the competitive edge between employees. These elegant gifts often contain some of the most exclusive champagnes around, from Dom Perignon to Veuve Clicquot, and will offer a great incentive for end-of-campaign sales pushes or simply to give staff a little burst of motivation.

For those extra special customers who have shown their loyalty to the company, a more extravagant and special reward is surely necessary. Build-your-own food hampers demonstrate an extra level of commitment by a company, in that they are much more personal than a pre-packaged hamper. Going to the trouble of ascertaining a client’s favourite drinks, sweet treats and cheeses shows a great level of appreciation and can be used as a gift for only the most valued clients. These hampers are entirely flexible in size, with small, medium and large hampers available to fill with whatever the company may choose, and as such they can provide a thoughtful and exciting gift even whilst sticking to a budget.

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About Scottish Hampers: Scottish Hampers take a modern approach to gift hampers, sourcing the best quality food and drink from every corner of Scotland. The hampers cater to all tastes and budgets with a choice of contemporary and traditional products. Scottish Hampers evolved from  a Scottish food business established in 1982, building an excellent reputation for quality and service. It is committed to finding the best products from coast to coast, tasting and discovering big name brands and artisan producers.



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