Cosmetic Dentistry on the Rise in Britain

Brits are becoming increasingly smile-conscious with the latest research from the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) revealing that over one quarter of the population has had cosmetic dental treatment. Colchester based clinic Hello Dental is at the forefront of the trend with a range of affordable cosmetic dentistry treatments married with an outstanding level of care and expertise. 

As Colchester’s only laser equipped clinic, Hello Dental is the go to provider for patients wanting to take advantage of cutting edge cosmetic dentistry technology. Free from heat, vibration and pressure, WaterLase represents a new era of virtually pain free dentistry that achieves outstanding results. One of the most advanced laser dental systems, it is used to treat a wide range of dental problems while providing patients with more comfort, enhanced accuracy, less damage, faster healing and better outcomes than conventional solutions alone.

Dentist Neel Sanghavi of Hello Dental said, “The nation is developing a growing appreciation for the benefits of a great smile. Using advanced laser technology and biologically friendly cosmetic dentistry principles, it is now possible to create a smile with minimal damage to the existing teeth. From simple whitening treatments to intricate veneer applications, we use the latest WaterLase technology to offer our patients long term solutions and incredible value for money.”

Compiled in conjunction with global award-winning market research provider Mintel, the BACD online survey sampled over 2,300 adults. The results showed a noticeable increase in the popularity of cosmetic dental treatments across the UK. Teeth whitening was pegged as the most in-demand treatment, with a huge 31% of respondents admitting to brightening their smiles. Using a unique protocol of tray design, advanced techniques and top-of-the-range products, the Hello Dental teeth whitening service is designed to get pearly whites even whiter. The tried and tested system not only brightens teeth but actively strengthens enamel and makes it more resistant to acid attacks and decay. This increases shine, improves lustre, reduces sensitivity and ultimately keeps teeth whiter for longer.  

Designed to recreate the look and feel of natural tooth structure, veneers were sought out by 18% of survey respondents. The thin porcelain or composite shells can be perfectly shaped to enhance the smile, hide blemishes, change tooth form and more. Using porcelain, composite or zirconia, Hello Dental offers patients a range of different treatment options that are crafted to bring the best out of any smile.

Mr Sanghavi added, “Zirconia and E-max porcelain have revolutionised the concept of veneers. Zirconia is the same material used to create some of the finest and hardest Swarowski artificial diamonds. In combination with Fastbraces we can often create great smiles using veneers with more comfort, less injections and minimal preparation to the teeth. The best news is they will last longer than in the past”

Brits on the search for bespoke solutions will love the complete Smile Makeover package. Drawing on multiple dentistry disciplines and meticulous planning, the team at Hello Dental create aesthetically beautiful smiles that respect both biology and function. Hello Dental is also currently running an offer on tooth whitening, with £70 off until the end of August. Patients can flash a Hollywood smile without the Hollywood price tag, as the price for whitening upper and lower teeth with the offer is now just £179.

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Hello Dental is a patient oriented clinic located in Colchester. The clinic is underpinned by a commitment to providing patients with biologically-friendly cosmetic dentistry solutions that deliver beautiful smiles. Patients enjoy state-of-the-art equipment, a professional team, exceptional patient care and a relaxing spa-like environment. Its innovative care models are aimed at delivering patients premium quality, long-term solutions.