Could gaming provide a moment of calm for stressed out kids?

Many adults suffer from stress and are constantly searching for ways to handle the pressures of life in order to continue to stay happy and healthy. However while on the search for this ‘golden rule’ for stress reduction, many adults may overlook the fact that the younger members of their family are feeling the strain too. Free to play gaming website, My Real Games urges parents to try a new approach next time their children are feeling the tension by encouraging them to focus their energy on a stress busting game instead.

There are many factors in a child’s life that may cause levels of stress such as difficult homework, trouble with friends, up-coming shows or recitals with activity clubs or break ups in the family, and at this early age it can be hard for these young people to exercise levels of self-control, leading to regular tantrums and arguments. My Real Games considers gaming to be a solution that could boost the mood of stressed out children, providing a moment of calm, requiring high levels of focus and often immersing the player into totally new worlds while reducing stress levels and anxiety in real life. 

Nikolai Veselov from said, “Children can be more sensitive to their environment than many adults may realize, and although we perceive stress to be something that accumulates as we age, people of younger ages may also be feeling pressure in day to day life.”

Veselov continued, “When stress levels are high it can be difficult for children to process their thoughts and control their actions, which can lead to outburst of anger. Providing your children with access to a game that involves repetition, logical tasks or problem solving elements could give them a much needed moment of calm and escapism when emotions are flying high.”

Over 30 titles can be found in the Hidden Object games category, each one requiring ultimate levels of concentration to scour the scenes for secret clues. With fish , garden , magic based games and more, every child will be able to find an immersive world to suit their tastes. Time Management is also a genre that could prove to be a calming influence on children, with high levels of organization required to ensure that whichever kingdom , restaurant or island they are in charge of can run smoothly!

It should be noted that although My Real Games suggests these can help stressed out kids, this recommendation is not based on scientific research. However with every title on the platform being totally free to play, parents have little to lose when trying out this stress reducing method!

Every title on the global gaming website is suitable for players of all ages, with no offensive content in any of the games. Browse the full range of titles online at


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