You’ve heard of Monkey World, Flamingo Land, Bird World and theme parks claiming to offer whole worlds of adventure, but what about The World of Cats? Sound crazy? Maybe not as much as you might think!

Bedfordshire based mum and cat lover Caroline Harvey came up with the idea of a feline themed attraction after looking for family days out. Inspired by Bolt, the rescue cat who came into her life aged just twelve weeks old, Caroline began to wonder how many other cat lovers out there would appreciate a place dedicated to our purry furry four legged friends and has embarked on a crowdfunding scheme to make it happen.

Crowdfunding is one of the hottest and most effective ways to finance new projects and business start-ups without going through traditional financial institutions. It’s also a great way for people wanting to look at innovative opportunities to invest their money in things they’re passionate about- and with so many cat lovers in the UK, Caroline has big ideas The World of Cats.

So what would it be like? Here are just a few of the proposed features and attractions:

  • Cat meet and greet
  • Pawprint paths
  • Cat café
  • Gift shop
  • Children’s play area
  • Information/learning centre
  • Cheshire Cat maze and train
  • Cat hotel
  • Crazy golf
  • Museum of famous cats
  • Cat themed arts and crafts
  • Event space for cat rescue charities and adoption centres, product launches, weddings and conferences

Cat cafés have long been a popular destination in Japan and Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium in London (itself a big crowdfunding success story) is full of languid, happy moggies- so there’s plenty of evidence that feline based destinations are not only well-loved but provide good standards of care and animal welfare.

Caroline has already gained plenty of skills and experience of running entertainment venues throughout her career and she has a sound understanding of business practice.  But a project like this needs considerable financial backing, and that’s why she’s turning to other cat lovers for support. For more details or to get involved in the Crowdfunding campaign, go to  visit the project’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages* or YouTube channel or go direct to the crowdfunding page,

The World of Cats has a planned launch date of Spring 2017 and needs £100k to kick start the project, with an overall fundraising target of £3 Million. Get involved today for the opportunity to be a part of one of the most innovative and exciting enterprises animal lovers have ever seen!

Facebook- The World of Cats UK, Twitter/Instagram- @the_worldofcats 

More information is available on the project outline, history and timescales by contacting Caroline on 07518 101780. 



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