Create the Perfect Fitting Tee with The White T-Shirt Co’s New ‘Tailor Your Tee’ Service

Do you struggle to find your perfect white t-shirt? Love the t-shirt but the sleeves or body length are not just quite right for you? The White T-Shirt Co started with a single concept of helping people find a staple wardrobe piece - the perfect white tee – and now it is going one step further with its bespoke tailoring service.

Rather than customers being stuck with a one-size-fits-all garment, the Founder of The White T-Shirt Co wanted to help customers find their own perfect fit whatever their shape or size. So instead of having to buy a regular size and getting it altered to fit yourself, The White T-Shirt Co now allows shoppers to opt for customising their t-shirt at the point of sale. For just £5, the ‘Tailor your Tee’ service can be added to the basket when shopping online to make sure when the tee arrives in the post, it really is the perfect fitting white T-Shirt.

Penny Jones, Founder of The White T-Shirt Co said, “People come in a beautiful mix of different shapes and sizes, so there’s no possible way our organic T-Shirts will be an ideal fit for everyone.  While we’re flattered to hear some of our customers loved their tees enough to make their own alterations, that’s really not want we want – our ethos is to create the perfect white tee, and that includes ensuring a good fit.

“We want our tees to be just right for every single one of our customers, which is why we are launching this new service. We can pin, trim and tuck so that your tee has just the right body and sleeve length to suit you. And if your tee is a little loose we can tailor it in for you too.”

Launched in 2004, The White T-Shirt Co was created when the founder was frustrated with the offerings within the eco fashion market. With a blatant lack of well designed, good quality garments ethically produced from organic cotton, Penny Jones decided to make her perfect tee herself – and make sure others also had the opportunity to buy a fashionable, eco-friendly basic tee.

Using an organic cotton supplier and keeping all manufacturing in Europe, the brand found international success and even made it onto the front page of The Times in 2005. The organic basics are made without compromising on style, quality or ethics. Designed and made with sustainability in mind, The White T-Shirt Co doesn’t believe in throwaway fashion.

The White T-Shirt Co rebranded in 2013 and launched a new luxury range of casual tees which met the Global Organic Textile Standards qualification [GOTS]. Now, determined to make sure the fit is as efficient as the sustainable credentials, The White T-Shirt Co has launched its affordable bespoke Tailor Your Tee service.

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Based in the North East, the focus of The White T-Shirt Co is to do simply one thing, exceptionally well – create the perfect tee.