Crepe Records to ‘trade fair’ at Forest Hill Fashion Week offering £5 off in return for old t-shirt donations – ‘Teecycle’ incentive launched

Music inspired ethical clothing company, Crepe Records is to debut a new incentive aimed towards promoting sustainable fashion at the Forest Hill Fashion Week (FHFW) event this September. The campaign, named ‘Teecycle’ will encourage those attending the festival to trade in their old T-shirts in return for a discount off a new Crepe Records tee.

Crepe Records will be appearing at FHFW on 26thSeptember, where they are running their ethical incentive for the first time. Besides inspiring people to recycle old clothing while showcasing their ethical, hand-drawn and screen printed T-shirts, owner Manisha Davidson is also curating the music for the event and playing a special DJ set in the run up to the catwalk show.  

Manisha Davidson, designer, DJ and co-founder of Crepe Records commented, “We are incredibly excited to launch Teecycle and can think of no better place to do so than at FHFW which features a host of new local designers. Our ethos is to help our customers do good, look good and feel good in our clothes, which is something that is mirrored by this campaign as well as by the other traders at the Forest Hill fashion event.  ”

Manisha continued, “By taking part in Teecycle, people can get a new piece of fashionable clothing with limited negative impact on the environment, first by trading in an old T-shirt rather than simply adding to a growing collection of garments and secondly by choosing to purchase from us, Crepe Records. It is difficult not to feel good when you know you have done something positive for the environment, and Teecycle aims to promote this mind set.”

As well as possessing musical skill, providing DJ sets for events like FHFW and the Crepe Records online blog, owner Manisha Davidson sketches every design by hand which is then screen printed onto every tee. Crepe Records is an amalgamation of creative talent, coming together to produce an all-consuming lifestyle brand with music, fashion and ethics as its backbone. The launch of the Teecycle campaign strengthens the brands sustainable initiative, and Crepe Records only seeks to work with suppliers and companies who also operate with a strong social conscience. 

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