Crepe Records urges music fans to do good, look good and feel good this summer

Within the wide range of genres and styles that exist in music a strong sense of community often forms, with the collaborative force that lies within the groups often being used as a platform to raise awareness for good causes. Music inspired clothing label, Crepe Records is appealing to this community of music lovers, urging them to continue this feel-good spirit by making conscious choices about the clothes they wear.

With a motto of ‘do good, look good, feel good’, Crepe Records is formed by Manisha Davidson, a grassroots creative, mixing a talent for design and DJing with her drive for social change to create a range of music infused T-shirts that are ethically sourced whilst retaining style factor.  The selection of dance floor ready garments use a range of fun colours and witty graphic design to make ethical fashion accessible to everyone, allowing music fans to add a piece of feel-good clothing to their wardrobe that makes for perfect festival fashion.

Manisha Davidson, designer, DJ and co-founder of Crepe Records commented, “Being heavily involved in music myself, I am constantly inspired by the community spirit that lies within the scene, and the vast amount of charities and causes that benefit as a result of fundraising events and campaigns that use music as a platform to promote positive change. It is this positive mindset that I am appealing to with my range of music inspired clothing”

Davidson continued, “Any music fans that are also attracted to the culture for the community spirit, and the impact that this can have on other causes can make a positive change in their day to day lives too, by choosing to buy from fair-trade fashion brands.”

Each T-shirt from Crepe Records features a hand drawn quirky character, based on the intriguing characters that co-founder Manisha has encountered on her musical travels. Members of the music scene will instantly recognize the committed vinyl fan, searching through racks of records as shown in the ‘Funky Badger’ design, as well as the DJs that look the part but are lacking in skill, like the charming ‘Chimp DJ’s’. 

With musical influences being at the heart and soul of the ethical clothing company, those that join the Crepe Records community are also treated to regular music recommendations and mixes when browsing the brand’s blog, updated by multitalented co-owner, Manisha Davidson.   

Those looking to make the switch to wearing fair-trade fashion can browse the full range of T-shirts on the Crepe Records website, to look good and feel good at their next festival attendance.

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From bleeps, breaks, to beats, Crepe Records is influenced and inspired by the world of music. Our clothing is for astute, urban individuals with a sense of fun. Music is our inspiration and at the heart of the brand. Here at Crepe Records you’ll find exciting new musical influences to experience. We offer uniquely designed clothing giving each wearer a sense of originality and escapism from their 9-5. 


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