Crime Comedy ‘A Punters Prayer’ Set for 2015 Release

British actor and notorious ‘movie hardman’ Mem Ferda is set to light up silver screens later this year as ‘A Punters Prayer’ hits cinemas across the UK. Starring alongside Dexter Fletcher and Daniel Caltagirone, the film weaves a tale of hope, luck and captivating characters. Ferda pulls off yet another hypnotising presence as a charismatic villain with a suitably shady past. Engaging, thoughtful and packed full of action, A Punters Prayer’ is pegged as this year’s must see flick for film buffs with an appreciation for cunningly clever black comedy.

When a trio of unlikely men meet at a small bookmaker on an otherwise uneventful Friday afternoon, it’s an instant recipe for intrigue. Viewers will quickly be rapt by Yiannis, an endearingly upbeat former factory owner, Jack an outspoken and pessimistic long shot hunter and Ian, a naïve and overly optimistic lad in his twenties. While the three vary in age and life experience, they kindle a dynamic friendship ignited by common vice for gambling. 

After Jack decides to bet £250 on a horse win treble which could net him £350,000, he soon attracts the attention of a string of abstract characters. Ferda champions the role of 'Big' Bektash Ali, a bushy moustached Turkish man and known member of the 'Shooters Club' men's social society. With his powerful six foot two frame, ruggedly handsome appearance and domineering aura, Ferda pulls of the role with prowess. As well as being a terrible card player, Ali is also a sore loser which proves to be a hurdle for the trio of newfound friends. Also making an appearance is Jamaican pensioner turned single father Carlton and spirited Albanian arms dealer, Pipi. The brash 'Risk It All' Paul is also on-hand to keep things interesting as the plot unfolds.

Like his character, Ferda has a colourful background that adds further intrigue and complexity to his role as 'Big' Bektash Ali. As a child he witnessed an assassination attempt on his father, as a student he was held at the Serbian border as a suspected drug smuggler and as an adult, he was threatened at gunpoint on the streets of Istanbul. Rather than let these experiences bring him down, Ferda digested them into hard hitting fuel for his acting.

Throughout his career Ferda has graced screens alongside a flock of industry greats. Filming recently wrapped up on ‘Miss You Already,’ a British romantic comedy starring Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette. He currently has five feature films in the making, as well as three independently produced feature films in the works.

‘A Punter’s Prayer’ is written by Savvas D Michael and produced by Liontari Pictures.

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Hailing from Turkish descent, Mem Ferda has long been considered one of Britain’s most hypnotic presences. He was born in South West London in 1963, and graduated with a Postgraduate Diploma in Classical Acting from The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA). He went on to carve himself a successful career, landing a myriad of TV roles, commercials and films. Over the years he has taken on a notable list of ‘baddies’ roles, these include;

Dusan (The Crew), Hakeem (The Veteran), Vladimir (ill Manors), Andriy (Legacy), Egor (Emulsion), Kamel Hannah (The Devils Double), Hakan (Pusher), Simon Flowers (My Hero) and recently as East-End cockney gangster Lenny Moore in 'A Life of Violence'. This year sees Mem Ferda play a main character in black comedy ‘A Punters Prayer.’