Cross-Continent Rally Race, Gumball3000, Utilises Pioneering Global SIM Card to Track Supercars

A thrilling cross-continent rally race is currently being tracked in the most innovative of ways – using a GeoSIM global SIM card that provides accurate updates on the speed and location of a car without a traditional data connection. The Gumball3000 is a worldwide event that encompasses six countries, two continents and a trip across the Atlantic - and the GeoSIM, in a unique tracking device is being used to track the progress of a Nissan GTR as it rallies around the globe.

The Nissan is competing for the top honours in the race against famous rapper Eve, as well as a multitude of talented drivers and racers all heading for Ibiza.

The unique combination of the GeoSIM global SIM card and the tracking devices technology allow data to be sent over the GSM mobile networks without the huge costs of data roaming charges. Regardless of network providers or signal strength in a certain area, the cards can transmit reliable and accurate data on the whereabouts of a car; perfect for tracking speed and distance travelled in a global race of this magnitude.

The position of the car is taken every time there is a fifteen degree change in the heading angle of the vehicle, and when the ignition is switched off, data is sent once every hour so that team members and avid fans can view the whereabouts of their favourite rally car. The team at GeoSIM can send commands to the unit to check things like tank levels and RPM, making it one of the most useful gadgets a rally car driver can ever have in his arsenal.

Ed Neal, CEO of Geodesa Limited, supplier of GeoSIM says, “Our fantastic tracking system uses GeoSIMs M2M system and has performed incredibly well so far, tracking the vehicle as it travelled through Miami, Atlanta and New York, before flying over to Scotland to continue the race in Europe. The cars recently left Barcelona in one of the last legs of the race to Ibiza, and the GeoSIM mobile SIM card has proven to be an incredibly reliable, accurate, cost-effective way to track travel across continents.” 

When the cars come speeding into Ibiza on the last day of the race, all eyes will be on the winner, but there is also a behind-the-scenes victor that has taken much from the Gumball3000 rally. The GeoSIM global SIM cards have been an integral feature of the race for Team who have been able to track the car every step of the way.

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