Crossfields Institute Achieves Awarding Organisation Status

In a bold step forward for innovation in the education sector, the UK-based education charity Crossfields Institute has just been approved as an awarding organisation by Ofqual (the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation). Ofqual is the UK regulator of further education qualifications.

Founded in 2007, Crossfields Institute has centres and learners all over the world and specialises in developing holistic and integrative qualifications that recognise human diversity and allow for the unfolding potential of all learners.

Charlotte von Bülow, founder and Chief Executive of Crossfields Institute said: “We need active, engaged citizens who can think creatively, articulate ideas and find new approaches to the issues society faces. The inspiration behind all the qualifications we have developed at Crossfields Institute is to help learners achieve this through innovative education. Achieving awarding-organisation status is recognition of our educational vision and our centres.”

An example of the qualifications Crossfields Institute will be submitting for approval is a work-based learning Diploma in Sustainable Agriculture. This includes approaches such as organics, permaculture, and biodynamics. The Institute is also in the process of developing qualifications in equine-facilitated human development and holistic approaches to health and social care.

Collaborative relationships with two awarding organisations, Pearson and CACHE, have so far guaranteed the quality of the education and training programmes developed by the Institute. Three new qualifications were recently developed in collaboration with CACHE, including a Level 3 and Level 4 Diplomas in Montessori Pedagogy – Birth to Seven (Early Years Educator) (VRQ) and the Level 4 Diploma in Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood Studies (Early Years Educator) (VRQ).

Simon Fielding OBE, Chairman of the Board, a past specialist adviser at the Department of Health and founder chair of the statutory health care regulator The General Osteopathic Council, said: “We believe that education should reflect the complex and interconnected nature of our world. Crossfields Institute has demonstrated that it is possible to align our vision and values with the necessary regulatory rigour. The Institute is now well positioned to play a significant role in shaping a new educational paradigm.”

The Ofqual recognition means that Crossfields Institute is now able to develop innovative regulated qualifications in a wide range of sectors. For organisations or employers unable to find a suitable existing qualification, the Institute may be able to develop a new Ofqual accredited qualification that reflects their own unique vision and ethos.

Judy Foster, Director of Operations of Crossfields Institute, said: “At a recent education conference leading UK employers were crying out for recruits who can think for themselves, show initiative and have a high degree of situational awareness. They are simply not seeing the calibre of graduates they need even from some of the top universities. At Crossfields Institute, all of our qualifications are underpinned by the fundamental principle that education should be about integrating practical skills, emotional intelligence and social responsibility to meet the needs of an increasingly complex world.”

For more information please contact the Chief Executive’s office.

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Crossfields Institute is a UK-based education charity and Ofqual approved awarding organisation established in 2007 with the vision to provide for education that recognises and serves the potential of each individual regardless of means, abilities and culture. In response to the changing needs of society, Crossfields Institute pursues an integrative education which acknowledges individual needs and widens participation.

Through its work in both further and higher education Crossfields Institute combines intellectual challenges with practical skills and the development of emotional intelligence and social responsibility. Its understanding of the workademia-concept fosters work-readiness and the ability to apply learning in context.

Its higher education programmes are enabled through approval by UK universities and partnership agreements with international universities and higher education institutes including the University of West of England, Coventry University and Alanus University in Germany. A partnership with the University of the West of England (UWE) enabled the Institute to launch a Masters of Science in Practical Skills Therapeutic Education (Integrated Professional Development) in August 2012.