Customer conversion software receives stellar investment

One of the country’s leading customer conversion platforms for ecommerce is excited to announce they have received an incredible investment from an entrepreneur and private angel investor.

Rais, who have gone from strength to strength since their inception in 2015 has received an incredible investment from entrepreneur, Sir Peter Thompson. Pledging £150,000 to the growing company in a bid to drive further expansion of the intelligence-driven CRM system, Sir Peter’s investment is a welcome boost to the company.

Will Young, founder of rais, said, “We are extremely excited to have been given another investment by Sir Peter, and it just shows how much faith he has in both the software and the rais team. We feel incredibly lucky and are determined to continue growing the business and help our clients realise their potential.”

A leading figure in the business world for many years, Sir Peter Thompson has matched his investment from last year, taking his total to £300,000. An alumnus of the University of Leeds, he is a prolific entrepreneur who was knighted in 1984 for his part in the employee-led privatisation of NFC Plc.

This new injection will take rais’ total investment to above £475,000. Working with clients across the UK and beyond, the rais platform is ideal for SME ecommerce businesses who are looking to grow their business from the ground up by harnessing the power of their data. Providing an intelligent solution for busy online retailers, the platform helps them to convert more customers across a whole range of marketing channels. This investment means that the company will be able to improve the platform to further meet the needs of their clients, while attracting new ones.

Will continues, “We feel very privileged to have received such large sums of money from key investors. We’re going to use the investment to further develop our offering in order to provide a first-class service to our customers.”

rais will use the money to develop the platform in an agile manner in order to further evolve their machine-learning analytics IP. Current clients can enjoy new premium features free of charge for in return for their continued feedback and referrals.

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rais (pronounced raise, and an acronym for retain, acquire, interpret, sell) is an online subscribed data driven customer analysis, segmentation and communications tool used to deliver efficient personalised marketing solutions for businesses that lack the time and specialist resource to do so themselves. 



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