Cut down costs this final quarter with pallet trucks

All businesses are looking to cut down on operating costs. However as the year comes to a close, that becomes more important. But how exactly businesses can go about this is not always clear. When looking at where to cut costs, but not corners, it’s imperative that owners or managers take into consideration potential benefits of making changes while also looking at the potential downsides.

Midland Pallet Trucks, one of the country’s premier providers of pallet trucks, stacker trucks and other warehouse equipment, has been supplying a range of businesses with robust, quality equipment for over 30 years, and has helped businesses save thousands of pounds in the process.

The company’s hand pallet trucks for example help workers to manoeuvre good easily and safely – with relatively small effort. Ideal for both small and large warehouses, the range includes pallet trucks that can support up to 2.5 tonnes of goods, as well as foldable trucks which have proven to be the ideal piece of equipment for businesses who boast small warehouses. On the flip side however, high lift pallet trucks have helped businesses who have larger warehouses to make the best use of their storage. These specialist trucks boast large capacities – up to 1.5 tonnes, and reach heights of almost one metre. These products are just two of the staple pieces of equipment that have helped to save businesses money.

Phil Chesworth, Director of Midland Pallet Trucks, said, “Although investing in new equipment can seem costly, particularly during a time when businesses are looking to cut down on costs, the savings that manual equipment, such as these can bring, are unprecedented.

“Pallet trucks, high lift trucks, lift platform and trolleys but to name a few all reduce the day to day physical effort needed by staff members. This not only helps workers to stay safe by reducing stress and strain, which in turn, reduces the chances of injury, but by investing in equipment for their benefit can also help lift morale and keep them happy – which has been proven to reduce staff turnover. And both of these prove to be costly and difficult to overcome during the busy shopping periods.”

All of Midland Pallet Trucks’ equipment has been specially designed to be functional, while also taking into consideration comfort for the user. The ergonomic designs, along with the long-wearing nature of the equipment is what has kept the company at the forefront of the industry for many years.

To find out more about Midland Pallet Trucks and browse their range available to purchase online, visit the website:

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Midland Pallet Trucks are pallet truck specialists, with a diverse range of models and specifications held in stock for immediate shipping. The company is based in the West Midlands, England, importing high-quality pump trucks and lift tables directly from the manufacturer. It carries sufficient stocks in its 60,000 square feet warehouse to supply the whole of the UK market with any kind of hand-operated truck or lift. 



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