Data capture experts urge businesses to think outside the box in order to survive wilting economy

It’s been almost three months since the EU Referendum, and businesses up and down the country are still to feel the full effects of the Leave Vote. Spending has slowed and reports suggest that the country may be heading towards another economic downturn, but as yet, most sectors are still keeping their heads above water.

Pearl Scan, one of the UK’s leading data capture, document scanning and management companies, has warned businesses now is the time to think outside the box if they are to survive the unsteady economy.

“Reports make for bleak reading for most; the property market and retail sectors have seemingly been hit hardest,” said Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan Group. “However we are yet to see the catastrophic effects that were warned pre-Referendum, which means that it may indeed not be the case. Nevertheless, as markets slow down and businesses struggle, it’s never been more important for them to make the most of their resources in order to enhance productivity.”

Data capture is universal and can help businesses in all sectors streamline their work in order to up productivity of staff. Customer feedback for example is imperative to businesses as it helps to inform decisions going forward – with the customer in mind. Digitising feedback forms enables businesses to quickly analyse the data to make sure they act promptly.

Invoicing and finance is central to a business. And digitising these documents to enable them to be edited, updated and followed up electronically can help to ensure businesses are paid on time.

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