Data Memory Systems highlights the benefits of building a computer

The technology world is fast-paced. Never stopping to take a breath, tech that is brand new one day can be old news the next. Which is why, one of the finest providers of computer memory in the US, is highlighting the longevity benefits of building a computer, as opposed to buying one off the shelf.

Data Memory Systems, who specialize in computer memory for a range of computer devices, knows first-hand how many benefits building a computer from scratch can bring.

Justin Briere, Senior Account Manager at Data Memory Systems said, “People often think that building a computer will be difficult. However the fact is, with a little bit of research, almost anyone can do it. Building a computer gives a range of options that they wouldn’t necessarily have had control over otherwise.”

Building a computer is one of the best ways to control how it performs. Allowing people to focus on what they need to in order to get the most out of their machine, they are able to guarantee the longevity of it. Parts such as storage memory, RAM and graphics, can all be bought separately, allowing for a completely customized piece of equipment that will serve the user for years to come.

Building a PC can also bring significant cost savings initially, as well as make it easier to upgrade in the future. Parts can be sourced relatively cheaply, and as such, can be changed regularly in order to keep up with new developments. This allows the user to save money further down by upgrading as opposed to purchasing a whole new machine.

Data Memory Systems has one of the widest ranges of computer memory available to purchase online. With a catalogue featuring hard drives for both Mac and PC, RAM, flexible memory and even batteries, all at great prices, DMS can meet all computer needs.

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DMS’ philosophy is to supply the customer with the best quality memory at the best possible price. Having been supplying the electronics industry with high quality components since 1963 and memory modules since 1987, they were one of the first original memory companies to support Apple computer – and have been doing so for over 20 years. They also support a vast array of computer memory for PCs and servers.



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