Data Memory Systems reiterates need for businesses to backup work as Seagate launches 10TB HDD

As Seagate, one of the leaders in data memory, released their tenth-generation 10TB Enterprise HDD last month, Data Memory Systems, one of the leading computer memory specialists in the US, has reiterated the need for businesses to back up their data in order to avoid unexpected losses.

Keeping documents backed up on an external device is imperative for businesses to guarantee that files are kept safe. The flagship offering of Seagate's nearline portfolio is the perfect companion for business owners who want added peace of mind. Optimized for use in large-scale cloud infrastructures, the HDD makes certain that should a computer failure happen, work, documents and finance records are kept safe and secure.

Justin Briere, Senior Account Manager at Data Memory Systems said, “With the digital revolution reaching a peak, vital documents are now solely stored digitally, so the importance of making sure businesses back up data to ensure they are prepared for the unexpected cannot be underestimated. New developments, such as Seagate’s continued innovations, are so important to the industry to ensure we can not only meet, but exceed customers’ needs.”

With a 25% higher platter density and an endurance rating of 2.5 million hour MTBF, Seagate’s new drive is just one of the cutting-edge products on the market in terms of hyperscale solutions. The HDD promises to minimize the total cost of ownership for the industry's top cloud service providers by expanding the total capacity of a 42U rack to 9PB, while also improving endurance and energy-efficiency.

Seagate's new 10TB Enterprise HDD uses advanced caching algorithms in order to maximize performance, as well as PowerChoice technology to reduce power consumption when it’s idle. Coming with a five year guarantee, it will xxxxxx for years to come.

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