Data Memory Systems urge Apple users to stick with their existing hardware as new operating system nears release

Apple is one of the world’s best known brands. Thanks to their innovative design and ground-breaking concepts, the California-based company has become a household name. A hit with business owners in a range of sectors, as well as game enthusiasts and students, Apple is one of the largest technology companies in all four corners of the world.

Due to release their long-awaited new operating system, macOS Sierra, the teach giant never fail to please the plethora of Apple fans right around the world. And as a result, often see spikes in sales of new computers when new systems are released. However Data Memory systems, one of America’s premier suppliers of computer memory for PCs, Macs and mobile phones, is highlighting the benefits of simply upgrading Mac computer memory, rather than going to the expense of purchasing new equipment.

Justin Briere, Senior Account Manager at Data Memory Systems said, “Apple’s hardware is known throughout the industry to be one of the best, therefore replacing whole computers is often unnecessary. People often don’t realize how quick and cost-effective it is to upgrade RAM and memory on Macs, so don’t do it. However those who do can enjoy a range of benefits – all in time for the new operating system release.”

Apple has claimed their crown by continually staying one step ahead of competition and responding to their customers’ needs. Constantly releasing superior updates, the tech giant keeps its finger directly on the consumer pulse. Announcing macOS Sierra at the WWDC 2016 conference earlier this year, Apple has revealed a range of new features, such as mobile favorite, Siri. And loyal Apple fans have been waiting with bated breath for the release. macOS Sierra is due to be released in the Fall.

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DMS’ philosophy is to supply the customer with the best quality memory at the best possible price. Having been supplying the electronics industry with high quality components since 1963 and memory modules since 1987, they were one of the first original memory companies to support Apple computer – and have been doing so for over 20 years. They also support a vast array of computer memory for PCs and servers.



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