Data Memory Systems urges businesses to invest in storage as the digital world evolves

The drive towards digital has been well documented in recent years. Paperless offices, a heavier reliance on computer programs and processes, and now the drive to introduce coding into the curriculum all further cement the world’s reliance on technology.

Data Memory Systems, one of the US’ premier providers of computer memory and accessories, has highlighted the need for businesses in all sectors to take this golden opportunity and invest in computer storage now, in order to prepare for the digital drive.

“For many years there has been talk of a digital revolution in the business world,” said Justin Briere, Senior Account Manager at Data Memory Systems. “However over the last 12 months, there has been a real push towards digital technology for businesses, particularly in the form of paperless offices, which obviously leads to a heavier reliance on technology.”

There has been a number of initiatives towards digital workplaces in recent years. Aside from the efficiency benefits they can bring, they also help the push towards greener means – which can help the world meet green targets and reduce greenhouse gasses in order to fight global warming.

Modernizing processes, such as invoicing and billing, payroll and HR can all add to helping cut down on the amount of waste paper. It’s well-known that businesses waste tons of paper each year. And although around 66 percent of that in the US is recycled, cutting down on paper usage would significantly help the environment. And technology – predominantly data storage, is at the forefront of that.

Making it easier and quicker to find files, which cuts down on the time wasted searching manual records, limiting the amount of physical storage needed to store hundreds – if not thousands – of files and allowing them to be edited with ease, storing files digitally brings a plethora of benefits for businesses, the environment and individuals alike.

Data Memory Systems has one of the widest ranges of computer memory available on the internet, both for PCs and Macs. Stocking SSDs, RAM, flash drives and specialist Apple memory, they have something for all computer memory needs.

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DMS’ philosophy is to supply the customer with the best quality memory at the best possible price. Having been supplying the electronics industry with high quality components since 1963 and memory modules since 1987, they were one of the first original memory companies to support Apple computer – and have been doing so for over 20 years. They also support a vast array of computer memory for PCs and servers.