Data Memory Systems Urges Laptop Owners To Upgrade, Rather Than Trade, with High-Quality SSDs

The experts at Data Memory Systems have urged laptop owners to consider upgrading their device, rather than trading up for a new one, due to the decreasing cost and rising quality of SSDs on the market.

Millions of people across the US rely on laptops for work and leisure – but when their performance starts to go downhill, many are tempted by the easy option of a simple trade-in or brand new purchase. But the team at Data Memory Systems is advocating another option, which could prove cheaper and more efficient for consumers.

The computer memory experts suggest that switching from a spinning-platter hard drive to a chip-based SSD (solid-state drive) could dramatically improve laptop performance without breaking the bank. SSDs produce faster start-up times, enhanced performance and dramatically improved read/write speeds. They’re impervious to shock thanks to their lack of moving parts, and they also consume vastly less power than traditional hard drives, which makes them ideal for those who use their laptops on-the-go.

Better still, prices of SSDs are lower than ever before – a DMS Celerity 3G 60GB SSD is currently available for just $44.95; vastly more cost-effective than buying a brand new laptop.

A spokesman for Data Memory Systems says, “The easy option for many people who rely on their laptops is simply to upgrade to a newer, faster model. But this can often be expensive, with even the cheapest laptops nowadays costing around $300. Upgrading to an SSD is a simple way to boost your laptop’s flagging performance, and with prices starting at just $44.95 for a basic drive, it’s dramatically cheaper than a new model.”

The spokesman adds, “Here at Data Memory Systems, we have a vast range of SSDs on offer, including our coveted in-house Celerity range. With a multitude of capacities available, we’re confident we can help even power users to upgrade their system and save some serious cash.”

SSDs are fairly easy to install, and the process of moving files across from the laptop to the drive is simple. ‘Cloning’ the hard drive and copying it to the SSD takes just a few clicks – but will only work if the SSD is bigger than the original hard drive. Once the drive has been cloned, users simply unscrew the back of their laptop, pinpoint where their hard drive is and replace it with the SSD. Performance will now be faster, read/write times will be quicker, and users will have saved themselves a few hundred dollars that might have gone towards a new laptop.

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